Sponsorship Opportunity by ANDI for GAPS Lecture

ANDI Initiative is offering to provide 50% sponsorship for 2 parents of children on the autism spectrum to attend the GAPS lecture. Kindly take advantage of this sponsorship ONLY if you are not financial able to attend otherwise. Please check out Andi Initiative’s blog link for further details.

Personally for me, I have been supporting dietary interventions for children on the autism spectrum way before I founded KL Biomed in 2009. I wholly believe in the gut-brain connection in autism and my advocacy works are focused on dietary interventions, biomedical intervention and alternative treatments that addresses this issue. By healing my children’s gut and implementing the appropriate dietary interventions, this has led to both my daughters’ recovery. Thank you to ANDI Initiative for this great opportunity to parents who otherwise would not have been financially able to attend.

Please click here for more details on the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Lecture by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride

On a side note, my children have a Russian heritage. After many years of knowing Hubby’s grandmama Bubushka who speaks with a heavy Russian accent, Dr Campbell-McBride’s accent is SO easy to understand! Don’t forget to watch the video.

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