Who Is Spectrum Mum In Malaysia

TMR-Book-Cover-FinalMy name is Marissa, mother to 2 extraordinary girls, wife, autism advocate, writer/ blogger.

My eldest daughter Mei was diagnosed with Moderate Autism in 2008, she has now recovered since 2010. I also dedicated my time and energy to prevent the onset of  Autism in my youngest daughter Min Min. Unfortunately Autism struck a 2nd time in our home despite my best efforts and Min Min regressed fully into autism. She is now recovered.

I strive to advocate complementary and alternative  treatments for children affected by Autism and I hope to continue empowering other parents to seek effective treatments for their children. I’m all about natural healing and I embrace many types of healing modalities including biomedical, naturopathy, homeopathy, essential oils, energy medicine and whatever I can lay my hands on.

In 2009 I founded KL Biomed, a support network for parents with children affected by Autism and related disorders in Malaysia and neighboring countries in Asia. I write for Generation Rescue as a guest blogger. I am the Vice-President and co-author of The Thinking Moms’ Revolution: Autism Beyond The Spectrum. They know me as Dragon Slayer, because I slayed the evil dragon that is autism. My blog Spectrum Mum In Malaysia is inspired by my children’s journey and experience in recovering Autism Spectrum Disorder.

In my spare time (haha!!), I read sci-fi/fantasy and paranormal chick-lit. I adores pretty shoes and handbags, and I love to travel and explore new countries. Luckily my husband and children are travel junkies too and take me on all sorts of fun adventures. I limit myself to 1 coffee a day (Bulletproof Coffee rocks!) I have a weakness for Teh Tarik, I can’t live without cili padi (bird’s eyes chilli) and spicy Malaysian curry! I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with my adoring, supportive husband and my 2 beautiful girls. You can contact me at klbiomed@gmail.com. Don’t forget to find me on Facebook here!

~ Marissa

20 thoughts on “Who Is Spectrum Mum In Malaysia

  1. Thank you for being a source of encouragement. It meant a lot to parents who grieved continuously for their kids with autism. May God bless you & your girls.

    We are taking our son, 61/2 years old, to see Dr Ng coming Monday. My husband, a dentist, started my son on biomed since Sep 2010 but we have just made the commitment to start GFCF 2 weeks ago. We have seen progress since Biomed and are hopeful that the new journey will be a blessed one.

  2. Thank you Marissa for being such a wonderful resource to the rest of us spectrum mums here in KL whose kids are on the path to recovery. It is tough work! We all hope to be able to say one day that our kids have recovered.

    I have been reading through your site and you have a wealth of information here. I wish I had more time in the day to read everything you have posted here. I am looking forward to joining you at Dr. Bock’s presentation in Singapore tomorrow.

    All my love
    – Erin

  3. Marrissa, I continue to be amazed and inspired by your comitment, your research is so helpful to so many. God bless you and your wonderful family, he will help you healthose immune issues

  4. Hi,
    I have to congratulate you for your kids’ success of overcoming autism. I have a 7 year-old girl who also has moderate autism. She has a very limited language skills. I was wondering what is the diet name you followed for your daughters. My daughter is on the GFDF diet for over a year and I was recently starting the Feingold diet, but I was wondering what diets did you followed? and what supplements did you use? I know I can do more for my daughter. Thank you for your story, which gives me so much faith.
    Thank your,
    Anny Menendez

  5. My son has just been diagnosed with adhd.confused about what to do.I live in Nigeria and getting a biomed doctor here is almost impossible.pls I need advice asap before I lose it.

  6. Hi , can I just ask, has both your daughters fully recovered (now normal)? Has their diagnosis been formally removed by the psychologist and paediatrician? Thank you very much for your response

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