>Alert – Not for the faint hearted!


One of Maya’s most pressing medical problem is chronic constipation. Infrequent bowel movements, light colored, pebbly, dry, hard and stinky.

Her constipation got so bad at one point that she didn’t poo for 3 days. When she finally did, she was straining and straining for so long, but nothing would come out. She was crying in pain and in desperation Paul had to hold her under her armpits and position her squatting with her feet on the toilet seat. I looked up her bum, and I saw that the stool was so big it couldn’t possible come out.

With my fingers wrapped around a wet wipe, I had to dig in and literally pry off bits and chunks of it out of her. Eventually, she managed to empty her bowels once I cleared the obstruction. Her stool was so hard and dry like hardened clay. At that time, we were in the disabled toilet in Terminal 2 Singapore Changi Airport, so no surgical gloves on hand. Maya was in such agony, it was an act of desperation for Paul and I.

That was one of the worst memories I have, tears was running down my face the entire time I was on my knees on the bathroom floor trying to help my daughter. That experience makes Paul and I even more determined to keep going with biomedical treatments.

We keep to a strict GFCF diet, very limited sugar, eliminated all her food allergens according to the IgG test results, high amounts of probiotics (50 billion CFUs a day), vitamins and minerals, DPP-IV digestive enzyme and phenol assist enzyme at every meal and many more. (See Maya’s Daily Log for a full list of her supplements)

Maya doesn’t have constipation issues anymore and she is no longer in pain.

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