>Almost One-Stop Shopping

>We’re all too busy with out daily lives to go running all over town to find GFCF and organic foods. The closest to one-stop shopping for all these items is probably the Lower Ground floor, The Gardens shopping Mall (connected to Mid Valley) Right next to each other is VitaCare Pharmacy and Just Life (Just Life is closed for renovation from 1-4 July 09, but call to check) and right across these 2 shops is Cold Storage.

Vita Care Pharmacy LG-220 – stocks Ogran range of products – bread mix, cake mix, cookies, pasta. Also Epsom Salts if you’re doing the baths
Just Life Organic Shop LG-208 – Huge range of organic veggies, organic cleaning products and Epsom Salts
Marketplace by Cold Storage LG-229 – – Biologique & Freedom Foods brand for cookies, breakfast cereals. Lay’s potato chips. Possibly Pacific and Aussie Dreams rice milk
Another favorite one-stop shop is Village Grocer in Bangsar Village 1. They stock Red Bob Mills (bread mix, pancake mix, brownies mix, choc chip cookies mix, gluten-free flour mix) Biologique (several types of breakfast cereals & breakfast bars) Freedom Foods (3 types of cookies), Pacific Rice Milk (plain and vanilla), Aussie Dreams Organic Rice Milk (plain only), Ogran (only bread mix), several different types and brands of GF pasta, a small selection of Japanese rice crackers, Lay’s potato chips and a good selection of organic vegetables and chicken. They even have different cuts of organic beef, including mince.

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