>No Magic Pill


Many parents expect miraculous results, especially with the GFCF diet. And feel like giving up on biomedical altogether before they’ve even gotten past the 1st step. But please remember that the diet alone is not biomedical. There is no one magic pill or treatment, you need to implement a combination of diet, supplements and treatments.

GFCF diet is only a baseline diet, it is important to stay on the diet as it is the cornerstone for biomedical treatment. You’ll need to do the IgG Food allergy test to determine any food intolerance. Depending on your child, he may need to do the Low Oxalate diet, the Feingold Diet, the Specific Carbohydrate diet, etc – you will need to do the test to determine which diet is the best for your child.

The OATs urine test will tell you your child’s nutritional status. This test will be your guideline as to what vitamins and minerals you need. You must resolve any gut issues, even if there are no signs of gut problems. If you are not able to detect any outward symptoms of gut dysbiosis, the comprehensive stool test will show you markers for any inflammation, leaky gut, fungal overgrowth, any lack of beneficial flora etc. Please remember that 90% of children with Autism has gastrointestinal dysbiosis. There is a strong gut-brain connection, so healing the gut should never be overlooked. Next, your doctor will put your child on various other 2nd tier supplements based on your child’s needs. What works for Maya may not work for you because every child is unique.

I strongly urge you to do your medical testing with a DAN! doctor, otherwise you may find that the tests you’ve done are inconclusive or the wrong tests. A doctor who has not had any DAN! training will not know what tests to do or which labs to order the test kits from.

We have done hair analysis for heavy metals, IgG Food Allergy test, comprehensive stool testing and Urine Organic Acid tests. Based on the test results, Maya’s list of supplements include multiple vitamin support including B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, cod liver oil, B12 injections, . Up to 50 Billion CFUs of probiotics daily, prebiotics, 3 different types of digestive enzymes, Taurine as Amino Acid support. We do daily Epsom Salt baths to support the sulphation pathway, apply Glutathione lotion daily (glutathione is the body’s key detoxing element), melatonin for sleep, mild detoxing agents which includes chlorella and sulfation support.

When we first started methyl B12 shots, we did 0.3ml every 2 days. But we did not see the amazing improvements that we usually hear of. Upon consult with Dr Erwin, he advised us to increase the dosage to 0.4ml. The changes were amazing. With other supplements, we’ve had to adjust or reduce dosage depending on Maya’s reaction.

We are currently on our second anti-fungal treatment/yeast protocol, we have done a short course of antibiotics for bacterial infection and are about to start anti-viral treatment with Valtrex. Our next steps include Oxidative Stress support treatment and further testing for Essential Fatty Acids and for Red Blood Cells Elements test.

We are still trying to find amino acids that Maya can tolerate. Apart from taurine, Maya has regression whenever we’ve put her on other amino acids including glutamine. Detox agents such as Zeolite also caused regression. With some supplements, we are able to see improvements immediately and able move fast on to the next supplement. With some, we’ve had to go very slowly.

If you wish to implement an effective biomedical treatment for your child, you need the help of an experienced doctor who has been specially trained by DAN. You cannot expect a typical pediatrician, GP or other specialists to help you with this if they have not been to a Clinician’s Seminar run by Defeat Autism Now!.

There will be ups and downs with any treatment you undertake, nearly all supplements and medication you take will have side effects. It is up to you to learn what constitutes temporary regression and to see the signs when a particular supplement is not working.

Please do not give your child random supplements based on someone else’s treatment protocol, you need an individualized treatment plan based on your child’s unique biochemistry. Just as every child’s Autism symptoms are different, so are the biomedical treatment protocol. The guidance of an experienced DAN! doctor is very important. You will need to try many supplements and treatments and find the right combination for your child. You may even need to find another DAN doctor that suits you. We personally have gone through 3.

There is no magic pill that will cure your child, however there are many therapies and treatment options available. In order to find which works best for your child, you need to give it a try. And keep going to the next level.

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