>A Bump in the Road

>All of you who know me is well aware that I have many things to say and I never hesitate to say it. There are never any short phone conversations, my email responses are very long and as my dear husband can testify, I can talk till the cows come home. Guess what? There is so much more that I don’t dare put into words, for fear of breaking down and not able to get up again. So much more in my heart that I keep to myself, for fear of scaring away the few friends left remaining. So much more words in my head, being suppressed because there’s just no time left to say it because there’s a hundred and one things left on my to do list. This article written by a fellow Autism mum says it all for me. Please read http://www.ageofautism.com/2009/07/autism-perception-a-bump-in-the-road.html#more

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