>Whizz Trip

>I came back from another smuggling run to Singapore, instead of poop, this time it’s wee. I sent in Yasmin’s urine sample for the Organic Acid Test, hopefully this will shed more light into her ever increasing sensory disorder.

Paul was away on a business trip, so my parents were kind enough to stay with the girls. I took the opportunity to stay overnight in Singapore, hoping to have some time to rest. To stay in a nice hotel, sleep through the night uninterrupted and having room service is such a treat. Thoughts of having enough time to finally do some shopping for myself was thrilling, usually my Singapore trips are so hectic.
I took the evening flight down to Singapore, the flight was delayed by more than an hour. Once landed, went straight to Dr Erwin’s clinic with huge empty luggage in tow. Stocked up on 1 month’s worth of some of the supplements for 2 girls and delivered the urine test kit. Then jumped into a taxi to the hotel. It was past 9pm when I finally got into the room. Had a couple of hours watching all the downloaded tv shows I had been missing and ordered room service. There was a lovely rain shower, but the hot water controls were not working. Maybe it was too high-tech for me to figure out.
All night I kept jumping out of bed to wrestle with the air conditioning controls, it was either too hot or too cold. Unfortunately the hotel was undergoing renovation, so the room smelled of paint fumes, I had to place towels under the door. I was awakened by construction noise at 9am on the dot, it was time to start the day anyway. No wonder the 5 star hotel on prime Orchard Road was giving big discounts on their room rates.
There were other supplements that Dr Erwin does not stock, so we usually have to source them from several other different shops. Because things tend to start late in Singapore, all the shops and places I needed to go only opened at 10.30am or 11am. Then it was a rush to get to all the places before I needed to check out. Luckily I managed to wrangle a late check out. Every where I went, I ended up with big heavy bags of supplements and foodstuff. Some had to be kept refrigerated so more time was taken to go back to the hotel so I could store it in the fridge. I finally managed to finish everything by 2.15pm. And I still managed to pop into my favorite shoe store and walk all the way back to the hotel because the taxi queues were so long.
Even though I brought a big suitcase, I still struggled getting all the shopping in. I was pretty annoyed that some of the biscuits and foodstuffs I bought were crushed, the bag was full. It’s amazing how much money flies around every time we do these Singapore trips, the cost of 1 month’s supply of supplements and foodstuff for 2 girls is astounding. However, it’s still cheaper than ABA.
Even with an overnight stay without the kids in tow, it was still a whirlwind trip. There’s just so much to do crammed into so little time. Maybe next time I’ll fly to Singapore in the morning.

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