>The Autism File


I look forward to receiving my latest edition of the Autism File Magazine every quarter. This is my favourite publication. I have stopped buying fashion and gossip magazines a long time ago in an effort to save more money towards my girls treatment. After all, who has time to read them right? But I have been a subscriber to the Autism File for the past 2 years and will continue to do so.

The Autism File is the most comprehensive Autism publication, it has been in circulation since 1999. The founder Polly Tommey is a mother of a child with Autism. Apart from raising a special needs child, she is the editior-in-chief for the magazine. She has made governments and organisations sit up and take notice. She is an Autism activist and campaigner, whatever she says is worth listening to.

The Autism File is written by parents, doctors, consultants, teachers and others in the field of Autism. Every edition contains the latest information on Autism treatments; unlike other publications which centres primarily on therapies and teaching strategies, the Autism File articles includes biomedical, diet and nutrition, various education, physical and holistic therapies, scientific studies, life skills, perspectives of a child or adult with Autism and many more.

Most Autism resources concentrate on the behavioral aspects of Autism, however there is a dearth of information relating to their unique medical and physiological issues. Where else would you find such a great article such as Treating the Common Cold and Flu: Special Considerations for ADHD, ADD and ASD. Please read it here

This article entitled Anesthesia and the Autistic Child was especially helpful when we were facing endoscopy for Yasmin. Even though she does not have Autism, she shares many of the medical conditions that Maya and other ASD children have. You can read it here  http://www.autismfile.com/Library/Documents/AutismFile_US33_Rankin.pdf

I urge everyone to write and submit a chapter to the Autism Mothers Book. They accept chapters written by mothers, please see here for the guidelines for submission  http://www.autismfile.com/Library/Documents/AutismMothersChapter.pdf    Hopefully we will see more writings and chapters from Asia. Be a fan of the Autism File on Facebook here  http://www.facebook.com/autismfile.mothers

The magazine has given me many insights and information on the topic close to my heart. It has helped me in more ways than Polly will ever know. You can subscribe to the quarterly magazine at this link http://www.autismfile.com/Subscribe/ and then click on Order Online. For non-UK or non-USA residents, please choose the UK edition, then click on the UK Overseas option. This is for the Global edition. Yes, they deliver to Malaysia and I receive each and every edition. Happy reading everyone!

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