>Revisiting LDN and Implementing What We Learn

>When we consulted with Dr Jeff Bradstreet in November, both the girls were frequently ill. Looking at our then protocol, he advised us to stop LDN as it acted as an immune suppressant in both girls.

Looking back over my previous conference notes from Dr Jacquelyn McCandless presentation in Hong Kong last year, I realized where we went wrong with the LDN. She emphasized that the immune benefits of LDN will only work whilst on a strict GFCF diet. And as you know, we are no longer as strict nowadays with the diet. Chatting with a friend regarding LDN recently, she noticed no changes positive or negative for her child whilst on LDN. Even though she is extremely strict on the diet. Whereas I saw lots of affection and social gains on LDN but didn’t do well for their immune system. And as you know, my husband Paul was on LDN too and he too did not notice any improvements, neither did he fall ill. It goes to show, that everyone will react differently to a supplement.

It also served a valuable lesson to me, reminding me to not only research a new treatment or supplement thoroughly, I also had to remember to actually implement what I learnt. No point going to all those conferences and reading all those books if I didn’t apply what I learnt properly.

It also served to remind me that in trying to heal my children, there is always a risk associated with any medical treatment, be it mainstream or alternative. There are always side effects and interactions with other drugs or supplements. Always consult with an experienced integrative care medical doctor especially when you are doing Tier 2 and Tier 3 protocols. There are many brave parents out there who choose not to work with a doctor, many of them do well and some don’t. If you choose not to work with a medical doctor to manage your child’s biomedical treatments, then always be vigilant with the safety of your protocol and be mindful of where you get your information from. For these parents, I strongly encourage you to attend an international biomedical conference. The Autism Research Institute’s ARI Conference (previously known as the DAN Conference) in Spring will be held in April 2011 in Atlanta, USA and the Fall Conference will be held in October 2011 in Las Vegas. Please visit www.ariconference.com for more information. The Autism One conference is held yearly in Chicago in May. Please visit www.autismone.org to learn more. There are also other biomedical conferences held worldwide.

For parents who are doing Andy Cutler’s chelation protocol, affectionally known as the AC protocol, if you do not have a medical practitioner to monitor your child’s protocol, Andy Cutler is a frequent speaker at the Autism One Conference. Chelation is a Tier 3 treatment that requires care and extensive knowledge to implement safely. And please join his Yahoo Group forum.

I encourage you to join support groups, organizations and forums that believe that Autism is not just a psychiatric disorder and that Autism is treatable. I value the advise and guidance of a trusted and experienced Biomed doctor, but for those who choose not to, do make sure you know what you are doing. A reminder to myself to keep learning, remember to implement what I learnt, listen to my instincts and always prioritize safety and care when implementing biomedical treatment. For parents in Asia, please join the KL Biomed group at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/klbiomed/

Good luck to all the Warrior Mums and Dads out there, my comrade in arms. Though our children and our treatment methods all differ, we are all parents. We do what is best for our child, in the manner we feel is best. A couple of years ago when discussing the stress and pressure that Autism brings to the family, someone expressed their sympathy to me and mentioned the burden it must be to raise a child with Autism. My momentary bout of self-pity flew out the window immediately when I raised my head and said “My daughter is not a burden. It is a privilege to be her mother.” And since then, I have never felt regret, self-pity or guilt. It is indeed a privilege to be Maya and Yasmin’s mum. 

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