Continuing our Rainbow Adventures….

Welcome to my new blog Spectrum Mum in Malaysia, the updated site of Rainbows in The Sky. We continue in our journey with recovering and preventing Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This site is inspired by my eldest daughter who said “Look Mummy, there’s a rainbow in the sky!”. Previously she couldn’t even call me Mummy. 2 years after her diagnosis of Moderate Autism, she is now Recovered. My 2nd daughter continues to make us proud, we successfully prevented her from further onset of Autism.

Rainbows in the Sky will no longer be updated, please visit and subscribe to Spectrum Mum in Malaysia here. This is dedicated to all the Spectrum Parents especially in Asia.

Marissa – Spectrum Mum to 2 girls and Autism Advocate

2 thoughts on “Continuing our Rainbow Adventures….

  1. I’m so so touch as I continue to read your articles. Me and my husband is very glad to have found you on site to guide parents like us who dont know what actually happen to our child. I believe your site will help many families. We hope to be able to meet you and your girls one day and learn how to overcome our current situations 🙂
    Thank you and May God bless you and your family.

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