Autism One/ Generation Rescue Conference 2011

The biggest and most comprehensive Autism conference is held annually in Chicaco. Every year in May, the Autism One Conference holds 5 days of conferences for medical professionals, special education therapists, human rights advocates and parents. This year, topics range from biomedical treatments, homeopathy, cranial sacral, alternative chelation, seizures, GI disorders, topics relevant for adults with autism, living skills and many more.

They are segmented into different tracks such as Biomedical Research and Treatments, Complementary and Alternative Treatments, Education Therapies, Advanced Parent Training, Advocacy & Legal Issues, Seizures, Adults/ Adolescents, Culinary and many more.

The list of speakers read like a Who’s Who in the Autism community. World class speakers in their fields, you’ll hear from Dr Jerry Kartzinel, Dr Arthur Kirgsman, Dr Jeff Bradstreet, Dr Neubrander, Dr Andrew Wakefield, Dr James Partington, Dr Stephen Shore, Dr Dan Rossignol, Dr Tapan Audhya, Dr Anju Usman, Doreen Granpeesheh, Pierre Fontaine, Amy Yasko, Lisa Ackerman, Mark Blaxill and many many more.

This year, the Autism One/ Generation Rescue Conference 2011 offers free registration. Please see the link below for conference details


Autism One Conference 2011 Chicago

Date: May 25, 2011 – May 29, 2011

Location: The Westin Hotel, Lombard, Illinois

Details: “Learn about the best treatments and most effective therapies. 5 days. 150 world-renowned speakers. Conference begins May 25 – May 29. Medical, legal, and teacher credits are available.

And don’t forget about all the fun from special events all conference long to networking with like-minded parents and professionals.

A diagnosis of autism is not a prognosis of lifelong and forever. Given the proper treatments and therapies our children can get better! The hopes of a mother and the dreams of a father are real.”

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