Bringing Supplements Overseas

When travelling overseas with medications and supplements, it is advisable to bring them in their original packaging with prescription label. Also, please bring along an accompanying letter from your doctor as some countries have very strict regulations when bringing in certain products. Things such as foodstuff, supplements, medications have to be declared especially when travelling to Australia.

However, if you are travelling to another country with lots of supplements and medications, it is still advisable to bring the medications and supplements in original packaging with an accompanying doctor’s letter. When I travel to Singapore or Thailand, if I do not have an accompanying doctor’s letter, I usually bring along copies of my children’s test results and official receipts from the clinic or hospitas. This may help too. However, for Australia, they are very strict and do require a doctor’s letter.

I suggest you place all medications and supplements in one suitcase so that you only need to open one bag in case Customs officials need to sight it.

Please see below for a sample draft of the letter, please amend as needed and bring to your doctor. Your doctor may require you to amend it before he will place his stamp and signature. This is my sample that I drafted myself, so please excuse any errors. This is not an official document. I suggest you make 3 copies, one for the doctor to keep for his files, one for you and one for customs officials if required.

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