Constipation, Homeopathy and the Really Big School

Remember Min’s chronic constipation which has baffled all mainstream and biomedical treatments? I can’t recall how many biomedical supplements and pharmaceutical medications we tried, but nothing worked. There was a time when Min was on high doses of Vitamin C, Probiotics, Bifidos, Culturelle, s.boulardii, magnesium,digestive enzymes, fiber, 2 laxatives, 1 stool softener and glycerin suppositories. Yes, all that daily for 1 week! Yet she was still constipated for 5 days. We eventually and very reluctantly had to do an enema, but even then very little came out.

When we started on homeopathy, the first remedy wasn’t suitable. But the 2nd remedy we tried, within 18 hours she did a bowel movement. She was on the remedy once a day 3 times a week, so her bowel movements will coincide 10-18 hours after she takes the remedy. We continued the remedy and Min would have a bowel movement every 2 days!! This was incredible news indeed, after living for 9 months with chronic constipation and trying many means possible, classical homeopathy was the one that finally resolved this issue for us.

Later on, we had to change to another remedy because Yasmin got constipated again. She wanted to do a bowel movement and would actually ask to sit on the toilet. But she would strain and strain and either nothing would come out or just a tiny pebble. So within half an hour of giving Min a test dose of the new remedy, she did a massive BM! I thought it was just a fluke, but every time we gave her a dose, less than an hour later she did a bowel movement. For the past 2 weeks, Min does a BM daily! How amazing is that?

Now, both the girls are no longer on any dietary restrictions or supplements at all. Both girls eat whatever they want, the only supplements I give them now are George’s Aloe in the mornings and DPP-IV every time they have casein and gluten, which is everyday. Occasionally I might give them probiotics when I remember.

So, May was previously on managed recovery, whereby she still needed to rely on a full range of supplements and diet. But now we’re aiming for full recovery if possible. I decided to stop all her supplements gradually because in order to do classical homeopathy at it’s deepest level, I needed to see May for who she really is, warts and all. Otherwise we can’t see her true essence, her uniqueness which is so important for a homeopath to find the correct remedy for her. I found that the supplements and diet did such a great job of ‘masking’ some undesirable behaviors. Also I wanted to see if she had any emotional or mood issues if she didn’t have the ‘crutch’ of those supplements and dietary restrictions. Within 2 weeks, some behaviors reappeared, her mood swings became erratic, her temper tantrum and emotional upheavals came to the fore.

We saw extreme anger, massive tantrums and non-compliance. But there was no regression in terms of language, communication, cognition or developmentally. She was still doing well at school and still wonderfully well-behaved when going out. But she was difficult to deal with at home. We were treading on eggshells around her, before another tantrum would burst. In between, there were still glimpses of her true nature. At times, she showed extreme kindness, affection and compassion. So we finally got to see May as she truly is.

Working closely with our homeopath, we worked on finding the appropriate constitutional remedy for May. Though it was rather hard dealing with her behaviors, we persevered and had faith that we can bring out May’s true nature. And I’m happy to say that May is now such a happy and cheerful girl with a sweet disposition. The mood swings, tempers and anger are gone.

This morning, May sat for the assessment for school placement in a private international school. Today there were 4 children in that time slot being assessed and tested. Only 3 children passed and were accepted. And May was one of them. We now have to get through another round of interview with the principal for the final step. Hopefully soon we will find out if May gets a place in the really big school. May loved the school and was excited about the thought of going to the big school which is on a massive campus.

Well done my dear daughter, I am very proud of you. You make me proud every single day and I love you with all my heart.

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