Autism One- Day 1

Please watch the Autism One Live Stream Videos here at Don’t miss the keynote presentation coming soon. Do check the schedule of events with the Autism One websit for the conference schedule and you can pick and choose which ones you want to watch live. You can also find downloadable PDF of the presentations there. Today was mostly Culinary Day, the smells of yummy food wafting around the conference area is intoxicating. Volunteers were serving samples to everyone.

Please watch my interview here, taken 3 hours after I touched down in Chicago. Just checked into the hotel, managed to attend one lecture. I complained to Steve, the guy with the camera with a sister touched by Autism, that I didn’t have make up on, haven’t had a shower in I can’t count how long and have only had total of 6 hours sleep in the past 48 hours, 3 hour naps each. Steve promised to interview me next time when I’m more glamorous:-) then off to another lecture and talking to other people.

I managed to ‘sapu’ several copies of the Autism One Digest for a few lucky parents. Teri Arranga the Autism One Conference Director saw me with the suspicious amount of armfuls of the magazine. Her colleague whi gave them to me mentioned that I’m from Malaysia. And Teri said “Weren’t you the one who posted online that you received your magazine on time in Malaysia?” Guilty as charged:-)

It’s 4.30am now, fully intended to sleep through the night, but had to talk to the nanny at home for updates on the girls progress. We changed to new homeopathic remedies and need to keep abreast of any changes, and yes, I fired off an email to our homeopath already. Kids in Malaysia, Mummy in Chicai, Daddy in Indonesia, homeopath in Sydney. It’s a timezone minefield here.

Both May and Min are going to jazz dance class with Atok & Opah, I miss them already. But we managed to do FaceTime video conferencing this morning when I was in transit at Tokyo and they were having breakfast.

The 13 hour time difference is killing me, the lack of sleep and topsy turvy body clock is confounding me. Gotta find my melatonin, haven’t even unpacked yet. Tomorrow (or should I say today) is another big day with an early start. Gonna be hanging out with my peeps when I help out at the Generation Rescue booth and volunteering at Jenny McCarthy’s Rescue Our Angels event tonight. Will give her hugs from everyone in Malaysia. Good night y’all!

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