Please vote for The Tommy Foundation!

United States of Autism Official Tshirt

Toyota wants to salute do-gooders by giving 100 cars over 100 days to nonprofits that could really use a new set of wheels. And voters like you help decide which one gets a new ride every day.

Voting is open for 1 day from 6am to midnight EST (USA). For Malaysia and Singapore, voting is open from Wednesday 29/6/11 at 6pm till 12pm Thursday 30/6/11. Every day, the previous day’s winner is announced and a fresh batch of five nonprofits is introduced for your consideration.

Please take a minute to vote for The Tommy Foundation now at

About The Tommy Foundation:
Founded in 2005 by parents of a child on the autism spectrum, The Tommy Foundation provides direct assistance to families, as well providing trainings to hundreds of students, professionals, PhD candidates and doctors to date. Serving as producers for the full length autism documentary “The United States of Autism, they also have thousands of individuals participate in events every year and partner with numerous organizations around the nation to serve their local communities. We seek to embrace individuals on the entire autism spectrum, educate families and individuals to handle the condition, and to empower all those who desire to advocate for the autism movement.

How we would use a new Toyota:
A new Toyota would help us better serve our community with our programs and events in multiple ways. 1. Transporting children with special needs requires special gear. 2. Our 100% volunteer staff can’t deliver all the gear they need to programs for folks we serve. 3. We cover a LOT of miles, almost 20k last year. Already we hold the largest autism event every year in our area full of games, training and fun, but we’re empowering these families to do more than just survive. We’re empowering them to live better year round. With your help, we can extend the life of our programs and help serve these families and individuals get the care and dignity they deserve. Thank you for your vote.

Let’s help them get a new Toyota! Please click here to vote for The Tommy Foundation

Please see the official trailer to the movie United States of Autism. It will change how the world views Autism.

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