Homeopathy & Autism Talk 20/8/11

Please see below for a talk by Dr Wong of Natural Harmony. Dr Wong is a Malaysian Naturopath and Homeopath practicing in Damansara Heights.

Topic: Homeopathy & Autism Spectrum Disorder

Speaker: Assistant Professor Dr Wong Ang Peng

Date & Time: Saturday 20 August 2011, 9:30am-12:30pm. 

Venue: Natural Harmony, 8-5, Ground Floor, Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur
(it’s the row of shop houses directly behind Hock Choon, please use google maps for directions)
RSVP: Kindly confirm your attendance to Ms Adelina directly by email to kennedys@streamyx.com. Please RSVP latest by Monday 15th August 2011 with your name, mobile number and number of pax.

This talk is open to parents of children on the Autism Spectrum as well as related disorders. This event is free of charge and for adults only. Please take note that with respect to our Muslim families, refreshments will not be served. However please feel free to bring along a drink or a snack for your personal consumption if needed.

Thank you to Warrior Mum Adelina for organizing this talk. See you there!

For more information on homeopathy, please visit http://www.homeopathic.com/Articles

3 thoughts on “Homeopathy & Autism Talk 20/8/11

    • Hi Zoe, I usually make my bread from pre-mixes. There are several brands that I buy from Bangsar Village Grocer eg. Ogran, Bob’s Red Mill and a few others. A few parents have also ordered from a bakery in Bangsar, please check on the KL Biomed Health Forum for the name of the store and feedback from other parents. You can also order many types of GFCF foods and mixes from http://www.iherb.com, they carry a good range. They can deliver to Malaysia and the price and delivery is pretty good.

  1. Hello,
    This is a beautiful website with a beautiful message. So very nice to hear you have recovered your daughter and prevented your second child. I have a daughter, who I hope to recover, with some courage and strength from God. I wanted to ask you I have been doing some biomed stuff with her. We just started last summer. However, I wanted to ask you what do you think made the biggest impact for your daughter’s recovery. And if you were do give advice where would you start and focus on. My daughter is 6 yrs old. We have all the usual therapies in place too ABA, speech, OT. I would really appreciate your help, advice as to where I should start?

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