Autism & PANDAS

PANDAS is the acronym for Paediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcus. A number of children with Autism also have a PANDAS diagnosis. For more information on PANDAS, please refer to

This is an excerpt on PANDAS from
“Children with PANDAS seem to have dramatic ups and downs in their OCD and/or tic severity. Tics or OCD which are almost always present at a relatively consistent level do not represent an episodic course. Many children with OCD or tics have good days and bad days, or even good weeks and bad weeks. However, patients with PANDAS have a very sudden onset or worsening of their symptoms, followed by a slow, gradual improvement. If they get another strep. infection, their symptoms suddenly worsen again. The increased symptom severity usually persists for at least several weeks, but may last for several months or longer. The tics or OCD then seem to gradually fade away, and the children often enjoy a few weeks or several months without problems. When they have another strep. throat infection the tics or OCD or associated behaviours return just as suddenly and dramatically as they did previously.”

Please consult with your healthcare practitioner if you have concerns regarding PANDAS.

I’m so in awe of my friend Stephanie, she is the mother of 2 lovely boys and the author of the blog The Light. In The Light, Stephanie chronicle’s her family’s journey with Autism and PANDAS.

She is also the moderator of the Autism & PANDAS Health Group Her passion and drive blows me away, her dedication to the Autism and PANDAS community is inspiring indeed. Good luck Stephanie, we’re cheering you and your boys on!

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