Pierre in Dubai

One of the most well-known and respected classical homeopaths in autism circles Pierre Fontaine RSHom, CCH, will be in Dubai from 6 – 11 December 2011 to present at the Autism Around the World Conference 2011. Pierre will be presenting The Breakthroughs of Autism in Homeopathy.

He will also take the opportunity to meet his existing clients there and some of Dr. Angelica Lemke’s patients as well. So for those who have only consulted with him or Angelica via Skype, this is a wonderful opportunity to see him face to face. I have been consulting with Angelica via Skype all this while. When Angelica came to Kuala Lumpur recently, I took the opportunity to bring my two girls to see her. I can’t tell you how invaluable it was to have her meet them face to face. All the videos I sent her and the descriptions I gave of the girls can’t replace a face to face meeting. Though I don’t ever feel shortchanged whenever I consult with a doctor via Skype, which I’ve done plenty. Angelica had the opportunity to chat and play with them, it was really great to see how friendly the girls were with her. I believe it gave her a deeper understanding and connection with the girls. And being able to speak to her face to face made me and my husband feel much more comfortable as well in my choices regarding the girls’ treatment. So for families who have been consulting with Pierre or Angelica via Skype, do take this chance to consult with Pierre face to face, it is a valuable opportunity to go deeper into healing your children.

Pierre may be able to take on new patients as well, so please contact ASD Homeopathy directly if you wish to book a consultation with him. Pierre Fontaine is well know all over the world for his unique approach to ASD in particular. When I first researched into homeopathy for Mei and Min Min, I heard Pierre’s name mentioned many times and I was intrigued. I have many friends who rave about the improvements they saw in their children under Pierre’s care. I also liked his book Homeopathy, Sweet Homeopathy. So when I was ready to start classical homeopathy early this year, I contacted his office to book an appointment. Unfortunately, he is in such high demand that I was placed on Pierre’s wait list which was for more than 1 year! So, what a wonderful opportunity for families who are able to travel to Dubai in December.

Not all homeopaths are cut from the same cloth, just as not all doctors are created equal. The girls’ homeopath is Dr Angelica Lemke, she has been studying and training under the care of Pierre Fontaine in his unique approach in classical homeopathy. I have met and consulted with a few other homeopaths, let’s just say that they don’t go as ‘deep’ as Pierre and Angelica. Please read here for Pierre’s bio. Do keep in touch with the latest information on their ASD Homeopathy/ Homeopathic Services Facebook page here

Pierre in Dubai? Hmmm, it’s been SUCH a long time since I’ve been to Dubai. I may take a quick peek at airfares, perhaps drop a hint or two to hubby in case he’s got a few frequent flyer miles to spare. As you know, I never pass an opportunity to learn. I never pass the chance to consult with a world-class doctor or practitioner, someone who can bring my girls’ closer to recovery and a deeper level of healing. Oceans don’t faze me, the thought of a lifelong autism disorder does. After all, Dubai is only 5533km from Kuala Lumpur, what’s an ocean or two between me and a homeopath right?

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  1. Do you feel homeopathy would be a great start with my 2 children , since I haven’t started any BioMed treatments? One has autism and the other is either mild or adhd.

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