Q&A: Giving GFCF Another Shot!

This is a recent Q&A from a new friend. She had shared with me and other parents on the KL Biomed Health Forum about her previous experience with the GFCF diet. Her son experienced unbearable withdrawal symptoms, she also found that he was actually better behaved when drinking chocolate milk! Unfortunately, she did not receive enough support and encouragement. She was discouraged from continuing the diet by well meaning but unenlightened people:-( Many parents on the KL Biomed Forum shared with her their thoughts, experience and efficacy of the GFCFSF diet for children on the spectrum. They also encouraged her to try again. I also shared this great article Garbage In, Garbage Out written by my friend Poppy, who brings new meaning to the word tenacious and positive!

I’m happy to hear that she has decided to give the GFCF diet another shot, so everyone let’s cheer this Super Mum on!


Hi Marissa..,
I’m S, who is a newbie to your klbiomed group..
I’ve started reading your blog from scratch.. It’s wonderfully informative! And humourous too! Reading your posts make me feel like I’m not fighting alone in this world of autism (and dyslexia too, for me).
May I please ask where I could buy Super Nu Thera and DPP-IV?
And what brand of calcium and Vit c supplements would you recommend for my 3yo..?

I’m going to give GFCF another shot, once all the milk powder and cheeses are finished. I’m gonna need the supplements ready to balance up my boys’ nutritional needs.. since we will go GFCF together..

By the way, I can’t afford biomed, loh.. As it is, the cost of therapies make me anxious! I hope that by changing diets, my little one’s speech and cognition can improve.

Mrs S, from Penang, Malaysia

Hi Mrs S,
Thank you! Though the road to recovery can often feel lonely, don’t forget to reach out, there are many families on the same journey who support each other.

You can buy all of these supplements on www.iherb.com. I prefer Calcium Citrate and Ester-C, but most brands of calcium and vitamin C is fine. But do look for ones without sugars, additives etc. They may make the vitamins taste better, but you’re better off in the long run to look for purity. You know what I mean. Even GNC and the brands in local pharmacies are fine. My other concern would be dosage, as we usually supplement at a higher dosage. But I for one prefer supplementing individually rather than in a multivitamin. My girls didn’t tolerate SNT or other multi-vits. Do ask the other parents about their experience with Super Nu Thera. Even when introducing supplements, go low and slow as I always mention. Because even supplements may cause die-off reaction or side effects.It is up to you if you want to introduce supplements first or diet first. Personally, I always feel it is better to eliminate the allergens first ie. diet. Supplements may not make a big impact if the body is still bombarded with allergens every day.

Since your son had such a bad die-off reaction, perhaps when you start the GFCFSF diet again, I highly suggest you DON’T go cold turkey. You can actually start the diet now, as it is a gradual process. I would eliminate or reduce just 1 item first, perhaps his milk powder formula first. For the first 4 days, mix the old milk with a bit of rice milk. Later, increase the amount of rice milk, and reduce the old milk and so forth. Do it gradually every few days and WATCH OUT FOR WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS! Give yourself at least 2-3 weeks just to replace milk. This way, the withdrawal symptoms may be easier to tolerate, both for you and for him. Once the milk has been fully replaced and his withdrawal symptoms are better tolerated, then you can slowly eliminate other casein/ dairy products. I highly suggest you eliminate either casein or gluten first, even then only 1 item at a time. Otherwise, you’re going to have the same reaction as before. It is unfair on him to do so.

Withdrawal is a bitch as I’ve mentioned, gradual elimination is much better than cold turkey. I’d rather you do it slow and steady but with an overall positive experience, rather than cold turkey but it creates a miserable situation for everyone. By going cold turkey, we are more prone to give up. For some children, they can go cold turkey. But based on your previous emails, clearly your son is not one of them! I hope the diet will bring your son closer to healing and better health. My daughter said her first meaningful word the first week on the diet btw, so in my book, the GFCFSF diet rocks!

S, by doing the diet and implementing supplements, you ARE doing biomed:-) Not every child requires multiple supplements and lots of lab tests. And there are many parents who do biomed effectively without the guidance of a biomedical doctor. However, they learn and research aggressively. Personally, I was not comfortable doing biomedical intervention without the guidance of an experienced doctor. But that’s me. I have many awesome friends who don’t need a doctor’s guidance, and their children are thriving and progressing. But, research and LOTS OF HARD WORK got them where they are.

Yes, cost is a huge issue for every single one of us. We all do what we can within our means. Personally, I find behavioural therapy to be more expensive than biomed. Don’t forget to connect with other parents on the KL Biomed Health Forum, there are a growing number of fantastic Penang families doing biomedical intervention and diets. You’ll find that we’re a very supportive bunch, no one is going to ‘tembak’ you:-) There are many ways to do biomed at a more affordable cost, lots of research and networking really helps!

The best of luck to you and your son, do keep us updated on his progress my new friend. We’re cheering you on!

Big hugs,

4 thoughts on “Q&A: Giving GFCF Another Shot!

    • Hi Vi,

      I’ve seen Nuttelex at Jusco and Cold Storage.
      They should carry rice milk too. I get mine from organic shops.

      Happy searching!


  1. What a heart warming reply, Marissa..!:) Thanks… I really appreciate your advice..

    I’ve started mixing rice milk with my kids’ usual org goat’s milk. I make the rice milk myself, though.. I googled for recipes for rice milk as well as took note of the ingredients stated on the cartons of rice milk at my regular org shop. For such simple ingredients, manufacturers sure charge a lot for prepacked rice milk! A few days ago started adding more ingredients, a tiny piece of pre-soaked organic wakame and half an organic apricot, into the blender for added nutrition. If all goes well, I’ll try out almond milk…

    Your advice on vits is great! I’ll head out to the nearest GNC shop next Mon morning, after I’ve shipped the kids off to school. I’m one of those people whom sales persons may not like, coz I read and re-read labels on bottles and I say thanks and go off, and maybe even go back a few times and still not buy anything! Only when I’m very sure of a new product, do I buy.. Now that I have a the KL Biomed Health Forum to seek advice from, I feel so much ‘safer’.

    Poppy, you’re right! It IS all about food, isn’t it, haha! Searching and tweaking recipes to suit our kids, worrying over what to cook tomorrow while it’s still today!

    Thanks for all your support!


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