Thinking Moms, Autism One & CEASE…

I’m back! Well, I never left, just been quiet on the blog because I’ve been running around like a headless chicken elsewhere:-) Typical day for most of us right? So what’s been happening lately you ask?

I’ve been very involved in the Thinking Moms’ Revolution. If you haven’t heard of it, please check us out. To learn more about the Thinking Moms (and Dad), please see Getting Personal.  Do sign up to the blog as well as Like us on Facebook. We’ve got a fresh new blog daily and I hope you enjoy reading the blogs.  The Thinking Moms’ Revolution started mid-February this year, in the last 4 months we’ve garnered 3500 Likes on Facebook. The support and encouragement from our readers keeps us going, so thank you!

I’ve been to the Autism One/ Generation Rescue Conference 2012 in Chicago and back. I got a chance to hang out with my friends, make some new ones and learn more about autism treatments and healing. Don’t forget to watch the Autism One Livestream videos here.

Can you believe, it’s been nearly a year since I’ve been blogging for Generation Rescue? Time goes by so fast. I had a chance to meet up with my other fellow GR bloggers at the Autism One conference. I was already a fan of Maryann DellaRocco and Tracy Weinstock, but meeting them in person and hanging out with them makes me love them even more. Don’t forget to read their latest blogs.

You must be wondering how Mei and Min Min are doing. Well, I’m happy to say that they are doing wonderfully. We have moved on from classical homeopathy to CEASE therapy. We’ve seen some amazing progress that we weren’t able to get from biomed or classical homeopathy. We’re still doing biomed, I find that homeopathy alone is not enough. We need both homeopathy and biomed in order to achieve optimum healing for the girls. Every homeopath I’ve worked with also made it a point to treat the mothers too, so I’m blessed to be on my own healing journey together with my girls. I feel it is very important for every parent especially the mums, to start taking care of your own physical, emotional and mental health. Please read my friend Princess’s blog Don’t Forget Your Oxygen.

We’ve been on the AC chelation track for the past few months. The girls are now on DMSA and ALA, so the 3 hourly dosing took a bit of getting used to, but the sleep interruption is a small price to pay for long-term healing I feel.

The KL Biomed Health Forum is as active as ever. When I started the group in 2009, little did I realise that we’d still be going strong even 3 years later. From a very very small bunch of parents from Kuala Lumpur sitting on the floor of my living room, we’ve grown to over 400 members in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, even Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the Middle East. A few expatriate Malaysians living in the UK, USA and Australia somehow found their way to the KL Biomed Health Forum too, enjoying the biomed talk interspersed with ‘ok kah’ and ‘bolehlah’:-)

I’m also thrilled that there’s more and more biomedical resources in Malaysia and neighbouring countries now. Awareness and action and healing are happening every single day. Thank you for the continued support not just for KL Biomed, but also for Mei and Min Min. All the kind wishes and prayers from the KL Biomed ‘aunties and uncles’ means a lot to us. My apologies for any emails that goes unanswered. I wish I could respond to each and every email personally and promptly. So please don’t forget to sign up to the KL Biomed Health Forum, post your questions there and there’s always someone willing to share their input and experience, rather than wait for me to finally get off my ass and answer emails:-)

Love, Marissa

2 thoughts on “Thinking Moms, Autism One & CEASE…

  1. Hello !! Can you please recommend a good practitioner near Kuala Lumpur who does Cease Therapy? Preferably one with experience overseeing mercury-amalgam (dental-filling) removal. I really need this for my elderly mother who is starting to show signs of dementia — she has 10+ teeth full of mercury. Please help? Do you have a listing somewhere of practitioners? Many thanks. Appreciate you starting up this group.

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