When To Give Probiotics

There’s been a lot of questions regarding when to give probiotics. Probiotics are a lot more resilient than we give them credit. But having said that, it is best to give probiotics away from enzymes, antibiotics, natural antimicrobials e.g. GSE, OoO.

Here are a few guidelines that I follow based on my experience;

  • I generally give probiotics before bed time. This will allow the probiotics to recolonize during the night uninterrupted.
  • If on antibiotics or antimicrobials – I usually dose the antibiotics/ antimicrobials 2-3 times during the day, follow the protocol. And take probiotics at night.
  • If you experience tummy upset on probiotics and causes you to wake up at night, then take it during the day.
  • When using enzymes – give enzymes before meals. It’s purpose is to digest food. Enzymes will also digest other things e.g. supplements and probiotics, though to a lesser extent. If you do have to give probiotics closer to enzymes, give the probiotics perhaps 0.5 – 1 hour after the meal. This will allow the enzymes time to digest the foods.
  • Photo Credit: Custom Probiotics

    You can give probiotics with meals or on empty stomach, it doesn’t matter.

  • You can give probiotics, Culturelle and S.Boulardii together. They are all probiotics of different strains.
  • Culturelle is a single strain probiotic, Lacto GG. If your Culturelle protocol is 2-3 times a day, please follow the protocol. I would do this as follow up to Flagyl or when combating Clostridia. You can still give normal probiotics together with one of the Culturelle doses. If you are using Culturelle as maintenance, then once a day is fine together with your normal probiotics.
  • Other sources of probiotics include kefir, yoghurt and fermented foods. These can be eaten at any time.

Hope this helps!

~ Marissa

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