>Mercury Rising


Most parents believe that their children became Autistic after the MMR vaccination. However, Paul and I believe Maya’s toxic levels built up gradually over the years because from the very day she was born, she was subjected to numerous vaccinations, some containing a tiny amount of mercury and aluminum. And a tiny bit of mercury is already considered to be toxic levels of heavy metal poisoning in an adult. Looking at her past history, she has had 14 vaccinations containing 25 live viruses within the first one and a half years of her life. 
Mercury is considered to be one of the most toxic substances in the world, leading to neurological damage and impairment of the immune system amongst others. Which overpaid executive in the pharmaceutical industry thought it would be a good idea to put it in our children’s vaccines in the first place? Why do some doctors think it’s a good idea to vaccinate our children when they’re down with a cold, flu or fever when it is clearly not a good idea to put in a live virus (sometimes 3 live viruses combined) into a sick child with a lowered immune system? So many children are suffering from vaccine injury and the numbers are rising. 
The symptoms of mercury poisoning are chillingly similar to Autism symptoms & behavior. Both report loss of speech, social withdrawal, reduced eye contact, repetitive behaviors, hand flapping, toe walking, temper tantrums, sleep disturbances and seizures as common symptoms.
Apart from thimerosal (which is a preservative containing 50% mercury) there are also other ingredients found in vaccines that are scary – aluminum, formaldehyde, monkey kidney tissue, chicken kidney cells, MSG, chicken embryo, newborn calf serum protein and many more.
What about toxic exposures during the mother’s pregnancy? A pregnant woman should definitely stay away from any kind of vaccination – did you know that the flu shot contains mercury too? What about those silver colored tooth fillings the mother may have? These metal amalgams are mercury based, it resides in the pregnant mother’s mouth, leeching into her unborn baby. And heaven forbid if she has it taken out while she’s pregnant, an unexperienced dentist may cause more harm when taking it out, because more mercury will be reabsorbed into the mother’s body. 
What about other environmental assaults such as pesticides? Studies show that the highest number of Autism cases in America is in a particular town in California. This area is also home to a large number of farms and orchards using large amounts of pesticides. Another good reason why we should all eat organic food.
For the first 4 months of Maya’s life, she would scream and scream non stop for 6 hours straight. Every day from 6pm till midnight. Occassionally she would pass out from exhaustion at 10pm. Those were magic moments to us. Up until recently, she was a fussy feeder, has severe sleep issues, constipation, terrible tantrums and incredibly sensitive to loud noises, crowds and strange places.
I’m not anti-vaccine. Vaccinations have successfully eradicated some of the worst diseases in the world. What I want are safer vaccinations for our children. Take out the mercury, create vaccinations that doesn’t trigger Autism in our children, abolish combined vaccine shots and create stricter protocols where children who are sick or on antibiotics should not be vaccinated until they are better. I want parents to educate themselves and I continue to educate myself and others, no matter how annoying you may find me. For the sake of our children.

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