>She's taking what??

That’s usually the remark I get whenever I tell someone how many supplements Maya is on. She’s on 14 different supplements and the list is growing. In Malaysia, we only know about the many types of therapy like Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Floortime, Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), Sonshine, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Music Therapy, the list is endless. There’s even Light Therapy, Horse Riding Therapy, Dolphin Therapy and we’ve got therapies coming out of our ears!

However, Biomedical Intervention is a relatively unknown part of Autism recovery in Malaysia. Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) is a movement headed by a group of dedicated doctors, researchers and parents whose main purpose is to educate other doctors, healthcare professionals and parents on the types of treatments available for our children. Through years of research and data collection, DAN! believes that Autism is not a neurological or brain disorder. This is in complete opposite to the mainstream medical community that believes that Autism is caused by genetics SOLELY and that it’s unrecoverable. 
DAN! and I personally believe that there IS a genetic predisposition, however the Autism is triggered by Environmental assaults such as toxic overload, pesticides, heavy metals especially mercury in vaccinations, resulting in impaired detoxification and gastrointestinal distress. With a combination of diet, nutritional supplements, other treatments and a lot of hard work, Autism Is Recoverable. 
So, back to the 14 supplements Maya is taking – as you know we’ve done extensive medical tests and the results show that Maya has oxidative stress, gastrointestinal dysbiosis, she requires high amino acid support, she has high levels of mercury, aluminium and traces of arsenic, there are marked nutritional deficiencies especially zinc, calcium, vitamin Bs especially B6, multiple food allergies, leaky gut, severe lack of beneficial flora, yeast and fungal overgrowth, lack of essential fatty acids and impaired detoxification amongst others.  

Paul and I became very disenchanted with the medical community in Malaysia because there is either very little awareness of Autism amongst doctors, and the ones who have heard of Autism is unaware of the underlying health problems our children have. Because Autism is such a bold label attached to our children, plus our kids exhibit many disturbing behaviors such as hand flapping, spinning, loss of eye contact, grunting & moaning, injurious behaviors to self and others and weird body movements, doctors tend to get blinded by the behavior and are reluctant to see the person behind the Autism label. But if our doctors are willing to open up their minds and see past the label and do a proper medical assessment, we’ll usually find several medical problems which are treatable. 
By addressing the health issues, we may not recover the child fully from Autism, however we would be doing them a great favor by improving their health, take away their physical pain and that they would have a better quality of life. Remember all those therapies that us parents pay a load of money for? How do you expect our kids to learn effectively if they are chronically sick, unwell or in pain?
Because there are no DAN! doctors in Malaysia, we go to Singapore every month to see Dr Erwin Kay. There are 5 DAN! doctors in Singapore and 2 in Indonesia. I would love to see a Malaysian doctor attend the next DAN! conference and doing the clinical workshops, because I’ll be there!

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