>Singapore vs Indonesia


Because there’s no DANs in Malaysia, us parents have to look elsewhere for biomedical treatment. Singapore and Indonesia would be the closest choice. You’ll need to take into account not just the cost of consults, tests and supplements, but you should also budget for travel and accommodation costs. Some doctors prefer to see patients every month whereas other doctors are happy with every 2 or 3 months. Except for the first initial consult and when you need to do a blood draw for tests, you don’t need to bring your child every time.
For Singapore, you have a choice of flying – Jetstar is the cheapest. Driving down takes only 3 1/2 hours and you can even travel by Executive Bus. There are times when we drive down with the whole family and stay the weekend in Singapore, but there are also times when I fly down alone for a consult with Dr Erwin, pick up the supplements and catch the next flight home.
There are many hotels and service apartments at different price range. You can even stay in JB. Somerset has several serviced apartments around Singapore, our favorite is Someset Grand Cairnhill. They have very spacious 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, a nice pool and a playground area for the kids. It’s 1 minute walk to Orchard Road so it’s really convenient for food and shopping. Contact Somerset directly for the lowest rates, no minimum stay required if you book directly with them. http://www.somerset.com/singapore/singapore/somerset_grand_cairnhill.html
Dr Erwin Kay only practices from Singapore 8.30am – 1.30pm and 7.00pm – 9.00pm Tuesday and Thursday, Saturday from 8.10am – 1.30pm. He sells supplements and conducts the tests himself. He prefers to see his patients every month. He can also do Skype consults.
Dr Rina Adeline practices from Jakarta, Medan, Pekan Baru and several other locations around Indonesia. She also does online consultations with yahoo messenger. However, you will need to purchase the supplements and medications from independent shops and pharmacies in jakarta or elsewhere. And for all tests, you will need to go to the lab directly. Strictly speaking, her clinic is not in jakarta, it is a 2 hour drive (depending on traffic) in a satellite town called Bogor. You can call her clinic directly for her schedules or appointments. www.kibm.org Telephone: +62 21 84934186.
For Jakarta, KLM Airlines is the cheapest. There are also many price range of hotels, you’ll also need to hire a car and driver.
John Yeo also conducts a clinic in Johor Bahru every Wednesday. Please contact his clinic directly for details. www.autism-nutrition.com Telephone: 02-62536257
When choosing your DAN doctor, please remember that it is not going to be a one-time trip. Biomedical treatment requires many consultations, you’ll need to go back to that country or doctor to purchase the supplements. There is not a vast difference in consultation and supplements cost, however travel and accommodation costs will vary according to country.

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