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This is a list of questions that parents new to Biomedical Treatments for Autism frequently ask me;

1. Which DAN doctor should I see?

I would recommend either Dr Erwin Kay in Singapore (www.kcsmed.org/autism) or Dr Rina Adeline in Jakarta (www.kibm.org) Both are qualified medical doctors, both come highly recommended by me and other parents currently doing biomed in Malaysia. How you choose depends on your personal preference. Take note that this is not a 1 time consult, you should commit to seeing the doctor for a consultation either once a month or bi-monthly.

2. I want to do biomed. How do I start?
Step 1: Start the GFCF diet, soy-free and egg-free
Step 2: Make an appointment with a DAN doctor immediately
Step 3: Start reading up on basic biomed.
Step 4: Start a Daily Log – keep track of all food, supplements, sleep habits, bowel movements, mood, behavior etc.
Step 5: Consult with a DAN doctor. Expect a comprehensive consultation, the Doctor will start your child on Tier 1 supplements and will advise you on what lab tests are required.

3. Where can I find information regarding biomedical?
These are 2 websites and 2 books I would recommend for beginners to biomed.
Recommended websites:
Recommended books : You can buy both from Kinokuniya online bookstore. They deliver straight to your doorstep within 3 days for only RM8.00 http://bookweb.kinokuniya.co.jp
1. Healing the New Childhood Epidemics by Dr Kenneth Bock ISBN: 9780345494511 RM63.90
2. Healing And Preventing Autism by Jenny McCarthy & Dr Jerry Kartzinel ISBN:9780525951032

4. What is the GFCF diet and why is it so important?
The Gluten-Free and Casein-Free diet is commonly known as the GFCF diet. It is the foundation for future biomedical treatments. Some children show immediate improvement once on the diet, some children do not seem to show any improvements. But please do it 100%. It usually takes 1-2 months to implement the diet. The GFCF diet does not recover your child from Autism,the GFCF diet alone does not constitute biomedical. Please check out this website for more info on the science behind the GFCF diet. FYI, soy milk is not a good alternative, Rice Milk is considered more acceptable for most ASD kids.
Avoid all milk products (cow and goat) including milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt etc. Avoid gluten which is wheat, oats, barley and rye. Please sign up to the KL Biomed forum to learn from other Malaysian parents where to purchase or how to make alternative foods.

5. Where can I do testing?
Many parents who first hear about biomedical are keen to do the basic 4 tests that we commonly talk about. However, I strongly encourage you to have a consult with a DAN doctor first. Based on the consult, the doctor will recommend you as to the appropriate tests for your child. It is not the same across the board, each child has a different set of medical issues. Thus it makes sense that the testing requirements may differ. I strongly suggest you do the tests with your DAN doctor. Only do the tests and spend the money on it if you are prepared to do the Doctor’s recommendations after the results are out. No point doing the IgG food intolerance test if you are still unsure whether you want to do the GFCF diet. No point doing the Comprehensive Stool Test if you are not prepared to do the work repairing the gut.

Also take note that these tests are expensive, they are sent to specialized labs in the USA and Europe. It is not available in local labs. I caution you against doing cheaper and simplified tests that are similar. Based on many parents feedback, this usually ends up costing more money and wasted time because eventually they find that the tests are not comprehensive, are missing some vital test values and inconclusive. Thus they have to spend more money redoing the test with the correct labs. Tests for biomedical in ASD based on the DAN and ARI protocols are usually from Doctor’s Data, Metametrics, Great Plains Lab, US BioTek, almost all in the USA.

I do NOT recommend you ask a non-DAN doctor to do these tests, even though you manage to find the names and labs of the tests that your friends have done. Remember, if the doctor do not know about those tests from those labs, they do not know how to interpret it, they do not know how to properly obtain samples for it and they may end
up ordering the wrong tests even though it’s from the correct labs and they do not know what to do with the results afterwards. You may end up wasting A LOT of money on doctors who are not experienced with it. They MAY be able to get you the correct tests, but do they know how to interpret it and remedy the problems?

6. What is a DAN doctor?
DAN stands for Defeat Autism Now!. A DAN doctor is a doctor who has attended a clinician’s training at the DAN Conference in the USA. The DAN conference is held several times a year by the Autism Research Institute (ARI). A doctor who has not been to a DAN conference and training will not have the knowledge necessary to do biomedical treatments. There are now more and more doctors who are aware of biomedical treatments, however in order to ensure that an effective biomedical protocol for your child, please consult with a DAN doctor. You can refer to this website for lists of DAN doctors worldwide http://www.autismwebsite.com/practitioners/foreign_lc.htm

7. Are there supplements that I can start without a DAN doctor?
Although I highly recommend that you only start on supplements prescribed by your DAN doctor, most parents are really eager to start on them. There are supplements that you can start safely now. This is a list of Tier 1 supplements that is commonly required by most children with ASD. However, due to the fact that each child has their own set of unique medical conditions, please take note that however `safe’ a supplement might be, you run the risk of side-effects. Therefor you should only take supplements and medications based on your doctor’s advice.

This is just a general guideline and not to be construed as medical advice. Please take note that you should always start the GFCF diet first. The list below is the daily recommendation appropriate for a child weighing 13kgs and the product I give my children:-
1. Vitamin B6 P-5-P – Kirkman’s, Brain Child Nutritionals and New Beginnings all have their own formulations
2. Vitamin C – 1500mg
3. Calcium – 1000mg – Kirkman’s Calcium powder
4. Cod Liver Oil – 5ml (free from mercury source, either Kirkman’s or Nordic Naturals)
5. Zinc – New Beginnings Zinc Picolinate 25mg
6. Magnesium Glycinate – 300mg – Kirkman’s Magnesium Glycinate Powder BioMax series
7. Probiotics – 20 Billion CFUs (dairy/casein-free source) – Kirkman’s ProBio Gold
8. Digestive Enzymes DPP-IV formulation – Kirkman’s EnzymComplete DPP-IV
9. Digestive Enzymes for phenols, oxalates & salicylates – Kirkman’s Phenol Assist
10. Epsom Salts baths – 1 cup of Epsom Salts dissolved in warm water, soak for 20 minutes
11. Reduced L-Glutathione Lotion by Kirkman’s – apply 5 grams daily to back of the neck

These are the basic supplements that I am comfortable recommending to my friends. I would not do any other supplements or treatments without the guidance of a DAN doctor. Again, start with a 1/4 dosage and slowly work your way up. Always introduce 1 supplement at a time.

8. Where can I buy these supplements?
They are not available in pharmacies or hospitals in Malaysia. We usually purchase them from our DAN doctors, trusted retailers in the country that your DAN doctor resides in or online from the US. All of the above can also be purchased at www.spectrumsupplements.com, they can deliver straight to your doorstep. There are other websites, please check if they can deliver to Malaysia. Please take note that due to Malaysian customs regulations, there may be delays or you may be questioned by customs officials. It is also best to order it yourself and not `tumpang’ with your friends as these are supposed to be brought in for personal use.

9. I think my child is healthy. Why do I still need to do biomed?
A child with Autism Spectrum Disorder may look healthy, therefor we think it’s JUST a behavioral problem. Once you start reading about biomedical treatments, we understand that our children have multiple medical issues that needs to be addressed. By treating these individual medical problems, you gradually find that your child’s Autistic behaviors decrease, speech and language improves and his moods are better too. He can concentrate and learn better from the behavioral therapies and special education classes we send him to. Remember, a healthy body is a healthy mind. You will never know if biomed will help your child until you actually try it. BTW, `trying’ to do GFCF diet doesn’t consist of biomedical. Giving your child some vitamin C and cod liver oil is not biomedical. Biomedical treatment means an intensive and comprehensive protocol based on a trained doctor’s guidance using specialized supplements.

10. I have read the books & websites and I want to start biomedical treatments. I want to start on chelation now!
Most parents when they first start biomedical intervention and learn about the damage caused by heavy metals, they feel an extreme urgency to get rid of these horrible toxins in their child’s body. Especially when they see the results from the Hair Analysis, they want to get rid of the mercury and lead NOW! Chelation is the process of detoxification of heavy metals from the body. This is not the first treatment to start, there are many protocols to go through before the body is ready for chelation. Many children recover without even having to go through chelation. It is very child specific. For most children, you should treat the gut first. You need to repair leaky gut, treat fungal, bacterial and viral infections, address immune deficiencies, replenish essential vitamins & nutrients, repair the sulfation pathways and methylation cycles and many more before you are ready to start chelation. Chelation is advanced biomedical that should be done with caution with the care of an experienced DAN doctor. Always remember, treat the gut first.

11. How much does it cost to do biomedical?
Usually, expect to spend RM5,500 – RM6,000 for your first consult with a DAN doctor. This usually includes the price of the consultation, Tier 1 supplements and 4 basic tests. Again, this is based on the average cost. Depending on your child’s unique medical issues, it can be lower or higher. For subsequent months, expect to spend between RM500 – RM1,500 per month for supplements. There may be further tests required, however the earliest you can expect to do so would be within 6 months if you are doing intensive biomed. Please make sure you budget for travel expenses for regular monthly or bi-monthly consults. Do not skimp on consults, no point doing all those expensive tests and buying those supplements if you do not consult with your DAN doctor regularly.

At first glance, it seems expensive. However, this is an investment in your child’s future. With an intensive and effective biomedical treatment, this may mean that the overall cost of therapies for your child is for a shorter period. Rather than spending x amount of monies on specialised expensive behavioral therapy for 6-10 years, you may find that biomedical has made it possible to bring your child so close to recovery if not completely within 2 years. In the long term, 10 years of behavioral intervention and cost of caring for an Autistic adult is far greater compared to doing biomedical for 2 years. Up until recently, parents of children diagnosed with ASD is expected to care for our disabled children for their entire lifetime, with no hope of recovery or a chance for a normal life.

12. My child is older and behavioral therapy has helped him. Will biomedical intervention still help him?
Biomedical treatments will help any child, young or old. Of course, children who receive biomed treatment before 6 years old have the greatest chance of recovery, the younger the better. The same can be said for behavioral therapy too. However, every child will improve significantly if you treat his health issues. It may not promise complete recovery, however you are giving your child every opportunity he deserves. He deserves good health just like any other child. You owe it to your child to ensure that he has a good diet, he gets all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, that any gastrointestinal disease is treated. Your child needs you to understand that he cannot talk because the toxins and the damage in his body is preventing him from talking. He needs you to understand that sometimes he experiences pain in his tummy or his head and that is why he sometimes causes injury to himself because he is trying to relieve his pain.

He needs you to know that he tiptoes or flaps his hands or moan out loud not because he likes it, it’s because he cannot control his body. Please understand that tiptoe walking should not be remedied by putting your son’s legs in a plaster cast. Usually, toe walking will resolve on the GFCF diet as well as doing yeast treatments. You need to realize that if he has hypotonia or weak muscle tone, exercise alone will not help that. You need to consider that it may be caused by zinc deficiency and most commonly hypotonia is caused by a mitochondria disorder and that there are supplements to help with that. If your child refuses to eat, you need to understand that it is a serious medical condition, not a behavioral issue. Severe feeding issues indicates severe gastrointestinal disorders, you need to take your child to a doctor now! If not a DAN doctor, then to a pediatric gastroenterologist. You need to understand that it’s not `just’ hypotonia or just a feeding issue. It has other far reaching health implications. These are issues that a DAN doctor deals with every day. No matter what his age is, he deserves the best medical treatment you can afford, just like any other child with a disease or medical condition.

13. Your daughter is almost recovered now, but she wasn’t that Autistic to begin with. She was just Mild Autism right?
Maya was diagnosed with mild to moderate Autism. Even though her chronological age was 32 months, her developmental and mental age was that of an 18 month old child. Based on her psychological assessment, Maya was developmentally delayed across the board and was considered Low Functioning. Her ATEC score was 100 when she was diagnosed. No, she was not a mild case. However, her progress has been tremendously fast not because she was an `easy’ case. She had many debilitating behavioral issues and a multitude of medical concerns. However, with the help of trusted DAN doctors and extremely hard work, she has improved amazingly. Biomedical intervention can help mild, moderate and severe Autism. Whether we can achieve compete or only partial recovery, remains to be seen.

I highly recommend you sign up to the KL Biomed forum for localised Malaysian information. There are many Malaysian parents doing biomedical here in Malaysia. It is a good site for information on local biomed resources. As parents of children diagnosed with Autism, we all hope that all the biomedical treatments and behavioral therapies we do will make a significant improvement in our children. By doing both, my daughter has exceeded our expectations.

Maya is curre
ntly interested in weddings, she loves looking at my wedding album as well as wedding pictures from my celebrity magazines. She truly enjoyed going to a wedding recently, even though the noise and crowds bothered her, she was still able to overcome the difficulties and enjoy it. She has insisted on choosing pretty white dresses recently and loved the little veil I bought her. Looking at her wearing her white dress and little veil proudly, I hope to one day attend her wedding. I look forward to seeing her grow up into the lovely sweet girl that she is, for one day I hope she too will lead a full life, fall in love, get married and have children of her own. Whatever her future may be, I am proud of her. Every day, Maya gives me inspiration and strength to go on. She is indeed my angel.

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