>Which Probiotic?


When choosing a broad-spectrum probiotics, it is best to get one with multi-flora rather than single strain. The refrigerated kind are recommended rather than on the shelf. However, even if you do purchase unrefrigerated ones, do store it in the fridge at home to maintain freshness and potency of the live cultures. As most ASD kids are on the GFCF diet, make sure that your probiotic is a casein-free source. Most probiotics are cultured on dairy unless stated otherwise. Specialist GFCF probiotics do cost more however it is worth spending extra money on a quality probiotic.

The usage of probiotics in biomedical intervention Autism Spectrum Disorder is one of the first few supplements to start your child on. The benefits are too many to write here, please see Dr Kurt Woeller’s blog on the benefits of probiotics here http://drkurtwoeller.blogspot.com/2009/06/probiotics-growth-promoting-factors.html

Here are some of the probiotics that I have tried;

1. ProBio Gold 20 Billion CFU multi- we initially used this, it made a great difference because my girls were really low on beneficial bacteria. But after extended use, it doesn’t seem to be as effective and cause constipation for my girls. Contains 4 types of Lacto, 1 type of Bifido and 750 million CFU strep

2. Klaire Labs Therbiotic Complete 25 Billion CFU- contains more strep than Probio Gold but seems to be better tolerated mainly because it has more Bifido strains (Probio Gold only has 1 bifido type) Contains 7 Lacto strains, 4 Bifido strains and 1 Billion CFU strep.

3. Klaire Labs Therbiotic Detoxification Support 50 Billion CFU – high potency probiotic (not broad spectrum) specific for detox support. Has 2 types of lacto and 1 Bifido.

4. Klaire Labs Therbiotic Factor 4 10 Billion CFU- contains only Bifido (4 types). As an add on formula for those who require extra bifido especially helps with constipation.

5. New Beginnings Probiotic Support Formula 20 Billion CFU – multi-strain probiotic with added S.Boulardii. No strep included, contains 4 Lacto strains and 2 Bifido strains and 2 Billion CFU S. Boulardii. It ships out from manufacturer without refrigeration, however recommended to store in the fridge. GFCF compliant.

6. Three Lac – this is a proprietary blend of probiotics and other ingredients, usually used as a natural treatment for anti-fungals. However, it did not have much effect on my girls.

7. Culturelle – contains Lacto GG, good to kill clostridia in most kids. It is very effective in keeping clostridia from recurring. Though it contains very minute amounts of casein, it is generally beneficial to most kids.

8. Sacchromyces Boulardii – it’s a probiotic type of good yeast, that fights the bad yeast.

9. Klaire Labs Biotagen- this is a prebiotic, it encourages implantation of good probiotic as well as natural regrowth. Some children may not be able to tolerate this formulation due to it’s effect in raising sulfur levels, this is child specific.

All of the probiotics have been helpful and effective in some manner with my girls. There is no real favorites here as rotating it seems to work best for my girls. Currently we just started using New Beginning’s Probiotic, there doesn’t seem to be any amazing improvements, but neither is there a bad reaction. Most kids are ok with strep strains in the probiotic blend, however this is child-specific. For my girls, it seems that continued use of Probio Gold and Therbiotic Complete has built-up the strep levels to the point where it affected them, usually tummy ache, constipation, irritability etc. The strep strain here is Streptococcus Thermophilus which is actually a good probiotic, but some children may not be able to tolerate prolonged dosages of it. When first starting biomed without a DAN doctor, you can choose Probio Gold as it is GFCF, has a good range of probiotic strains, it is high potency and it is easily accessible from our specialist retailers in Jakarta and Singapore or to purchase online. 20-25 Billion CFU is a good amount for ASD kids. However, if your DAN Doctor carries a range of Klaire Labs products, then I would recommend Klaire Labs Therbiotic Complete. Klaire Labs products can only be ordered by a doctor, if your DAN doctor does not carry this or if you do not have a DAN doctor, you can try to persuade a local doctor to help you order this from http://www.klairelabs.com directly. However, if you suspect that strep might be an issue, then please find alternative types.

It is recommended to rotate probiotics, by rotating I mean finishing 1 bottle, and for the next bottle to purchase a different type. Not rotate on a daily basis. I would not recommend New Beginnings Probiotic for beginners to biomed as your child may probably not be ready for anti-fungals just yet. However, once you are ready for anti-fungal treatment, then you may try this. Again, this is dependant on whether your child can tolerate S.Boulardii. For higher potency probiotics – VSL#3 is a very high potency multi-flora formulation usually to treat severe gut issues such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. It is also beneficial for those diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and with high oxalates. Please use this under the supervision of a medical doctor.

There are other probiotic in the market, do not limit yourself only to my list. There is no perfect probiotic that I’ve found (so far) it’s best to rotate and observe which ones is more suitable for your child. Probiotics is high on my list of essential supplements for both my girls.

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    • Hi Beatrice,
      Good question. It is very much child dependant. If there’s obvious bowel issues eg. constipation or diarrhoea but then their BMs and other gut symptoms normalise, I’d take that as a good sign. Not everyone will see obvious improvements, but we keep going based on the understanding that we want to get as much good bacteria in as possible. Some kids start stimming more or regress in terms of behaviour I’ve heard, if so then I would consider that particular probiotics is perhaps unsuitable for the child. Some people don’t tolerate all probiotics I heard, though I don’t know anyone personally. If so, then other forms of probiotics eg. kefirs or cultured foods may be better.

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