>Treatment Protocol Plus A Dose of Fun


With every treatment or supplement we do, we always do it with the advice of a medical doctor. We follow the set protocol and usually get 2nd opinions on nearly everything. I don’t try out anything without a doctor’s recommendation or advice, I am very conservative and like to go slow and steady. I never start more than 2-3 new supplements in 1 month. I always start at a low dose and slowly work up to the recommended dosage. We keep meticulous record of everything we do and keep track of any side-effects, bad reaction or improvement made with each supplement or treatment. Though a lot of parents are brave and bold enough to implement a treatment or do biomedical treatments without the guidance of a doctor, I’m quite conservative. Slow, safe and steady has been our approach and so far, it has served us well. To a lot of other parents, my approach is very slow and far too conservative for their liking. However, we all have our trusted methods, this so called “slow” approach has given us tremendous progress. This is a brief overview of our treatment plan since we started biomedical treatments.

As you may know, we started on the GFCF diet and didn’t pursue biomed for another 6 months. Once we started intensive treatment, sleep and constipation was high on our list of priorities. Then I wanted to address Maya’s other gut issues. Next, we started on our first round of anti-fungal treatments, this is one of her biggest problem. At the same time, we addressed her oxidative stress. We then addressed her inflammation as well as implemented a biofilm protocol. After that, we worked towards prepping her for MB12. We finally found the right dosage and frequency for MB12 and saw amazing results.

We have done several tests at different points in time, some more than once depending on the need. We tried an anti-viral treatment with good results, but we couldn’t pursue it further for the moment and had to be put on hold. We then concentrated on her methylation cycle – all the methyl donors eg Taurine, N-Acetyl Cystein, Folinic Acid, TMG and MB12 worked amazingly well for her. Each supplement showed good reactions; Maya was calmer, there was a sudden leap in clarity, cognition and language. We continuously had to address yeast overgrowth from time to time. We were also working towards balancing her immune system. We also investigated strep for possible PANDAS (Paediatric Autoimmune Neurological Disorder Associated with Streptococcus) though thankfully this turned out to be negative. Her long-term issue with dressing and wearing clothes were addressed, as well as finally able to toilet-train.

From time to time, some new issues would come to the fore such as her negative thought process and recurrence of anxiety and controlling behaviour. This was resolved quite quickly with the help of our doctors. Currently, we are prepping her for chelation and have just done the pre and post challenge test with showed a good excretion rate. Recently we did another round of the RBC (Red Blood Cell) test which tells us the levels of minerals, this is by far the most accurate test for mineral levels. We also did the kidney and liver panel again as well as viral panel to test for a range of viruses.

As always, for every treatment we have done successfully, there are always several supplements or treatment that were either ineffective or worse, caused regression. However, by only introducing one new supplement at a time and close monitoring, we were able to quickly identify the cause and immediately address it. At times, there were regression due to illness or side-effect from certain treatments, however each and every single time she always recovers the skills and progress made and comes back to the level where she was previously. There are shelves full of half-opened bottles of supplements that we no longer use, though it seems like a waste of money, we would never have known if those supplements or treatments would have worked for us or not. Looking back, we tell ourselves that we tried it. Some treatments have shown amazing results, but as with life, sometimes failure happens. If a treatment failed, we try again and keep going forward. We try to maintain a positive outlook and try to see the funny side of things whenever possible.

Maya is recovered from Autism and no longer requires behavioural therapy or special services. However, we still continue to pursue biomedical treatments to address other lingering health issues. Our challenges for this year will include addressing her heavy metal load especially mercury and will start chelation with DMSA very soon. We will investigate further into viral infections and we continually seek to address her immune dysfunction. Occasionally, she is prone to colds, flus and fevers.

Maya is a happy little girl who is thriving well at school. She has lots of friends and enjoys the same activities as other little girls. She has taught herself to play simple songs on the piano and loves ballet classes.  Maya  has a great personality and has the same sense of humour as her daddy. They have great fun and adventures together and you can frequently hear them giggling and laughing over some private joke together. 

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