>More Recovery Stories

>In the past few years of living in Autism-Land, many people have come up to me and said that they have never heard of recoveries in Autism. We are told that Autism is a life-long disability and that behavioral therapy is the only treatment available. Before Maya was diagnosed, I have never even heard of Autism (except for Rain Man of course) therefor I didn’t have much of a pre-conception about the prognosis. The first ever book I read which also gave me an inkling that Maya probably had Autism was by Jenny McCarthy. Her son recovered from Autism. When we finally received Maya’s Autism diagnosis, I vowed that I will recover Maya. If Jenny can do it, so can I. Whether we live in USA or Malaysia, Autism is Treatable. Please read the article below courtesy of my favourite Autism magazine, The Autism File. 

No Longer Autistic by Lisa Mize
Courtesy of Autism File

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