>My Top 10 Favourites……


There are several supplements and treatments that come high on my list of favorites. Every parent has their own list, it differs from child to child. I would like to share what were the top supplements and treatments that have made the most impact in my children.
This is a list of our Top 10 favourite treatments;
      1.    Methyl B12 – Maya showed amazing leap in language abilities. After reading up on the benefits of B12 and the many types of administering, I decided straight on that I wanted that is proven to be the most effective ie the methylated form of B12 ie. Methylcobalamin.  Extensive studies have shown that subcutaneous injections of methyl B12 to be far superior to other forms eg. Transdermal, nasal or oral. Though we were horrified at the thought of injecting our girl almost daily ourselves, we keep repeating the mantra “A few seconds of pain, a lifetime of happiness” every time we did it. It has been 1 years since we first started, and we will continue to do so as we still notice a difference on the days that she misses a shot for a day too long. We are now doing preservative-free MB12 at 0.05ml 3 x weekly. Take note that MB12 needs to be done as a part of an intensive biomedical protocol, it is not a 1st tier supplement and you need to consult a Biomed doctor as to whether it is appropriate for your child and when is the best time to introduce this. MB12 is available from specialist compounding pharmacies, please order it through an experienced DAN doctor. Other doctors may not know the difference between the other types of injectable B12s. Also, MB12 must be introduced at the appropriate time, you must work towards prepping the body for it. Otherwise you either end up with no improvements at all or worse, more hyperness. It is available in either pre-filled syringes or in vial form. I prefer in vial as it is a lot more cost effective compared to pre-filled syringes.
2.    Diet – gfcf, egg free, soy free. We did a period of low-sugar for 6 months, that helped a lot in reducing the yeast overgrowth. We only tried corn-free and low salicylates diet 9 months after starting intensive biomedical, but by that time Maya had made tremendous progress. So any benefit if any seemed inconsequential. Subsequently after 2-3 months trial, we went back to the normal GFCFSFEF diet. For now, we still continue the GFCF diet though on special occassions with occasional gluten allowed. Even until now, we noticed almost immediate behavioural regression whenever she has casein.
3.    Probiotics – we do high dosage multi-species casein-free, strep-free, refrigerated probiotic formulations. Dosage ranged from 20-100 Billion CFU depending on what protocols we were doing at that time. Our kids need high doses of many types of Lacto and Bifido strains. After some time, we found that probiotics containing strep strains eg. Kirkman’s Probio Gold and Klaire Labs’ Therbiotic Complete weren’t suitable for my girls as strep-free versions. I now rotate between Klaire Labs Therbiotic Detox, Custom Probiotics and New Beginnings Probitics. I also love Culturelle, a casein-free version of Lacto GG. This is effective in fighting clostridia. Klaire Labs products are only available through doctors, other brands can be purchased anywhere.
4.    Anti-fungals – From the very first anti-fungal protocol we did, Maya showed amazing improvement every time. It took several rounds of different anti-fungals to finally keep it under control, however from time to time we still need to address yeast overgrowth. Diflucan, Ketoconazole, Nizoral, Augmentin, Sacchromyces Boulardii and Candex are some of our favourite anti-fungals that have been particularly effective in our girls. There were others we tried, but due to the taste, we weren’t able to follow the protocol as set by our doctor. We always keep stock of S.Boulardii, I rotate between Klaire Labs and Kirkman’s. As with nearly every treatment, please consult with your doctor when implementing an anti-fungal protocol.
5.    TMG – this is a methyl donor, important in the methylation cycle which is frequently impaired in ASD children. As usual, we started at a low dosage and slowly worked up to the maximum dosage. However, we found that Maya only needed 3/4 of the dosage, 750mg seems to be the ideal amount for her. She could finally tolerate wearing clothes and was no longer agitated when wearing clothes. She was more compliant when dressing and started to wear blouses with sleeves and wearing pants. Before this, she only wanted to wear dresses with thin shoulder straps. Best of all, we saw a huge leap in potty training. You have a choice of either TMG or DMG, depending on your child’s needs, please consult a doctor on which one is suitable for your child. After trying several formulations, I prefer to stick to single formulations rather than mixed ones. You can find TMG mixed with B12 and Folinic Acid. However, some DAN practitioners do not approve of oral B12. I now use Kirkman’s TMG
6.    OSR – also known as Oxidative Stress Relief, this is a powerful antioxidant. After 3-4 months on OSR, Maya’s oxidative stress levels went down to normal range. Previously, she was “Oxidising like crazy!” as said by Dr Mark Westaway. We only used this for 4 months and during those months, Maya kept progressing and improving almost daily. OSR is available from Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and can only be ordered by a doctor. In South East Asia, for the moment only Dr Erwin Kay stocks this.
7.    5-HTP – we only started using 5-HTP only a few months back. From seemingly out of nowhere, Maya started presenting negative though processes and had a lot of anxiety issues. She was very moody and obsessed with dark, spooky stories. We tried several interventions with no luck, however the moment we started her on 5-HTP, the negative thought process and anxiety disappeared. I was still sceptical, and recently w
e ran out of 5-HTP for a few days and true to form, the anxiety and moodiness returned. This is a supplement that we make sure we never run out of these days. I use Klaire Labs 5-HTP
8.    Magnesium – physical symptoms and test results showed that Maya was deficient in Magnesium. Not only that, her body seems to be excreting it quite fast compared to other minerals. Magnesium has helped her in many ways, mostly it’s calming properties ensure that she’s calmer and sleeps well. It also relieves her constipation. After trying many many formulations, we finally found one that tastes good. Most Magnesium Glycinate tastes horrid! ASD kids are recommend to take Magnesium Glycinate, rather than other forms as it is the least irritating to the gut and well absorbed. Our favourite is Kirkman’s Magnesium Glycinate Powder Biomax.
9.    Transfer Factor and Colostrum –  these are immune `enhancers’. They are 2 very different products, but both seeks to modulate the immune system by transferring the correct information to our immune system. Colostrum is bovine-derived and contains casein, however the benefits far outweighs the casein issue.  Transfer Factor is a class above Colostrum, it works rather differently.  My girls are prone to colds, flus, fevers and other infections. However when I started to use both these supplements together, we have a miraculous illness-free period for several months. Unfortunately, whenever we run out of stock, my girls get sick again. I use Kirkman’s Colostrum Gold. Dr Erwin carries Researched Nutritionals’ Transfer Factor. I am trying to source other brands of Transfer Factors as they always run out of stock.
10.  Digestive Enzymes – DPP-IV and Phenol Assist are one of the first supplements to start on. Most ASD children are very deficient in DPP-IV, an enzyme that processes casein and gluten. It also plays an enzymatic role in the immune system, though it is called by another name. Phenol Assist helps to digest phenols, oxalates and salicylates. After a long time on a strict GFCF diet and daily doses of DPP-IV and Phenol Assist, late last year, we went on holiday. We allowed both girls to have all the gluten, casein and junk food they want. We also made sure they have lots of DPP-IV and Phenol Assist. Neither girls had any bad reactions to the lapse in diet. I use Kirkman’s Enzyme Complete DPP-IV with Isogest and Kirkman’s Phenol Assist. I have tried other formulations, but the girls didn’t like the taste of them eg. Trienza, No-Fenol. So, we continue with what works for them and what they can tolerate the taste of regularly. Digestive enzymes cannot replace the importance of a strict GFCF diet, as well as restrictions in oxalates, phenols and salicylates. 
There were a lot more supplements we have tried, on any given day, my girls take an average of 20 supplements daily. And throughout the years, we have tried supplements that have given us amazing results, as well as those who caused the worse regressions. Though biomedical intervention done well is backed by evidence-based medicine, research and through testing, at times we will not know how well a child will respond to the treatment until we actually try it. What may work for my child may not work for yours. Please work closely with an experienced biomed doctor, first and foremost keep your child’s health and safety in mind, keep yourself educated, keep track and monitor each and every day. Most of all, keep a positive outlook. Good luck!

7 thoughts on “>My Top 10 Favourites……

  1. Hello there,

    I see you mentioned Magnesium Glycinate. Do you know much about Magnesium Chloride (Magnesium Oil)?

    • Hi Sakina, I’ve never used Magnesium Oil. Though I know friends who love it. For what it’s worth, it’s only magnesium and it’s transdermal, so I assume it wouldn’t have any bad side effects. Perhaps check that your child has no allergies to the other ingredients. Sorry I can’t be much help. Marissa

  2. Hi Marissa, thank you for your swift response!
    I should have said that me and my whole family are already using Magnesium Oil and that I was actually wondering if you used it. I have been introducing it to people, to be precise the local Elementz brand of it (I’ve worked on developing the website)
    I suppose Epsom Salt it a much more cost effective way of getting magnesium though not necessarily convenient. FYI, Magnesium Oil can be ingested orally- added to water, milk, etc… Do you mind telling me if you know whether your friends buy their Magnesium Oil online or locally? Sorry I did not put forward everything clearly in my first comment!

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