>Preparing for the Endoscopy

>After procrastinating and indecision for the past few months, we are finally getting the endoscopy and colonoscopy done for Yasmin. The procedure is for diagnostic purposes, rather than a treatment. Hopefully the scope and biopsy will shed more light on Yasmin’s medical problems. It will tell us of any inflammation, damage or lesions in the GI tract.

Yasmin is a mess of GI and Immune issues, every treatment and tests we have done keeps leading us back to her gastrointestinal system. Several doctors have recommended we do the endoscopy and after several consults, the Pediatric GI Surgeon is now convinced that there is due course for the investigation.   

Physical symptoms, behavioral regression, bouts of pain, recurrent bacterial infections, susceptibility to illness, chronic diarrhea for the past 10 months, poor appetite, no weight gain, disturbed sleep- her pain and suffering seems endless to us. So, no more chickening out, we are going through with it.

A part of us are scared that we make her go through the procedure and in the end, the doctor finds nothing is wrong. If so, then we’ve hit another dead end. Another part of us is scared that we WILL find something wrong.

Yasmin was admitted into hospital yesterday, however the procedure will only be done today. The preparation takes 24 hours prior to the scope. Yesterday, I had to get her to drink 1/2 litre of laxatives. It was an extremely hard task, getting her to drink it all.

After that, I had to make her take a sedative. When she finally fell asleep, the nurses did a rectal wash, similar to a colonic irrigation. However, it didn’t totally clear her bowels up as much as we had hoped. So this morning, we had to do the whole thing again. This time she had to drink 1 litre of the laxatives. She did a massive bowel movement (no big surprise there!) thankfully. Then we had to give her the sedative 3 times, after much struggling, spitting and gagging we managed to get enough into her that she finally fell asleep.

The nurses did another rectal wash, thankfully like yesterday she sleet through the whole thing. However, she woke up pretty soon after if was finished. Nothing keeps my Warrior Princess down for long.Throughout it all, Yasmin was happy and cheerful yesterday and today. She is still her loving, affectionate self. She is such a trouper!

Paul was overseas and was only coming back to KL last night, but we didn’t want to postpone it for much longer as we needed to book the doctor, anesthetist and operating theatre beforehand.Though initially I was very apprehensive admitting her into hospital without Paul around yesterday, i kept telling myself not to let my own fears stop me from doing what’s best for my daughter.

Now, Yasmin is to fast until the procedure, she is hungry and cranky. It’s hard to deny her any food or drink, it was even harder getting her to swallow everything required. But if her bowels and upper digestive system are not cleared completely, then the scope may not be successful. The doctor may not be able to view anything, if there was too much stool left even worse the doctor may end up rupturing parts of her due if the view isn’t clear.

My biggest worry is the general anesthesia. I personally had a bad time coming out of the GA, it changed my behavior and demeanor. It took me several days before I was finally myself.

Yasmin is such an amazing girl, her capacity for love and forgiveness is enormous. Even after the times when I had to force feed her horrible meds, after the shouting, struggling and tears,  when all was done, she would turn to me, hug and kiss me. And when I said that I love her, she said “I love you too, Mummy”. If only we can all forgive and forget so easily, the world would be a better place.

I pray for a safe and successful procedure. I hope there are no long term side effects from the anesthesia. Most of all, I hope this will finally shed some light to Yasmin’s underlying medical issues.         

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