>More Biomed Doctors in Malaysia

>I’m happy to announce our 3rd Biomed doctor in Malaysia. Dr Yee based in Melaka has been a great source of support to the Autism community especially to Melaka families. I would like to welcome him to our ever growing list of integrative biomedical practitioners in Malaysia. Dr Yee attended the ARI Conference in California in October 2010. Please see below for his details;


Dr Yee Kok Wah
49 JCN Melaka Raya 13, TMN Melaka Raya Phone: 606-282 8088
City: Melaka  |  Country: Malaysia Email: Siberku@yahoo.com

I also list down the other 2 biomed doctors in Malaysia;

Suite 116, 1st Floor, Medical Office Building 282, Jalan Ampang Phone: 603-42576998
City: Kuala Lumpur  |  Country: Malaysia

Eddie Chan, MBBS, MRCP(Edinburgh), MRCPCH(London)
16 Jalan Puteri 4/2, Bandar Puteri Puchong Phone: (60) 3-80623925
City: Puchong, Kuala Lumpur  |  Country: Malaysia Email: eddiecsh@hotmail.com

When choosing to work with a biomedical doctor or nutritionist, please read the introduction by ARI on the clinician registry. http://www.autism.com/pro_danlists_results.asp?International=true

Please refer to https://spectrummum.wordpress.com/2011/04/19/spring-2011-ari-conference-atlanta-georgia/ for the latest information regarding biomedical doctors in Malaysia.

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