Empowering Parents

Please see my latest article published in The Sunday Star’s Health section on 24th April 2011 on page SF6 entitled Empowering Parents. We continue to empower parents to advocate for their children’s health regardless of labels and diagnosis. It also gives you a little bit of insight of how we started and how far we’ve come. Please read it here at http://thestar.com.my/health/story.asp?file=%2F2011%2F4%2F24%2Fhealth%2F8513939&sec=health

If you missed KL Biomed’s recent Support Group meet in KL, please join us in Melaka soon. Please take note that the venue has been changed, please refer to  https://spectrummum.wordpress.com/2011/04/18/kl-biomed-support-group-melaka/

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