GFCF in Malaysia 2011

Sifting flour to make GFCF scones

Due to increased interest in biomedical intervention and the GFCF diet, I would like to highlight some links and previous posts. This may help parents new to the diet. As well as where to find substitute foods, what to feed our children and how to start giving our kids the many supplements in a biomedical protocol. And the ever popular topic of how to wean our children to rice milk. Please see the links below;

Yummy scones....

Ingredients for GFCF mushroom soup

Carefully slicing mushrooms

GFCF Mushroom Soup

Many parents are also looking for suitable recipes. I love to cook and often experiment in the kitchen with various recipes and using gluten-free and casein-free substitutes. I am in the midst of compiling a database of favourite GFCFSFEF recipes especially for Malaysian and Asian families.

It is actually easier than expected to implement the GFCF recipe as most Asian foods are naturally gluten and casein free anyway. If you have a favourite GFCF recipe you would like to share with us, please email me at Please see below for my first and only GFCF recipe ever posted on my blog:-)

GFCF doughnuts

GFCF doughnuts

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