Autism Journey Blueprint by TACA

Many parents when first embarking in the new world of alternative treatments and biomedical intervention, find it a confusing situation. For families newly diagnosed with Autism, it is an even more confusing and frustrating journey. A KL Biomed friend recently reminded us all of this incredibly useful Autism Journey Blueprint by TACA. The TACA organization (Talk About Curing Autism) has created a visual flowchart that gives you an overview of your next steps in your Autism and recovery journey. It has many references to the USA, so please cross out whichever is irrelevant and adapt it to your child and the country you live in.

This was a valuable tool for me, I printed this out many years ago and pasted it on the wall. I would tick what I had done and I would highlight what my next steps would be. I would cross out things that I considered irrelevant. Please see it here at

As quoted by a friend who has found much progress in her child – “May you find the shortest path to your holy grail”

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