5-HTP, Candida and Biomedical Intervention

A parent asked me this recently, my reply was too long to fit into the comments section. So I am replying it here in the hopes it might help other families too.

Dear Marissa,
Can i know what is 5-HTP?

Is there a difference between CANDEX and CANDIDA supplements? Which is better for the elimination of candida?

My kid is 7 now and is there any change for recovery? What is the success rate of seeing a DAN dr? I have friend who have seen Dan Dr and there seems to be negative feedback. Is seeing Dan dr involved only by taking supplements or have to take chelation or HBOT or Neurofeedback trestment.

Is HBOT and Neurofeedback treatment costly?

I envy your success and am greatful to you for your services and advice to all the ‘sufferers’ of ASD,ADHD. I wished that i got to know you much earlier

Thank you for sharing,
A, Warrior Mum to a son diagnosed with Autism, Johor Baru.

Dear A,

5-HTP is an amino acid, it acts like a serotonin precursor. Thus promoting melatonin production which aids sleep as well as anti-anxiety/ anti-depressant qualities. There are many natural remedies for anxiety and depression, both require different remedy. It helped my daughter with her negative thought process. Please refer to Art Class and Spooky Stories. But Why??” target=”_blank”>https://spectrummum.wordpress.com/2010/03/24/art-class-and-spooky-stories-but-why/. It also helps some children with sleep issues.

Candida is a type of fungal/yeast that is naturally present in our body. When I refer to Candida, I am referring to yeast infection or fungal overgrowth. There are different strains of Candida/ yeast.

Candex is categorized as an antifungal, though it works differently than other antifungals. Candex are enzymes that digests the cell walls of the yeast, leaving no toxic by-products behind. Candex and Candidase are both enzyme based antifungals, they are different brands and some kids respond better to one or the other. For some kids, Candex or Candidase alone works great, for some it works better in conjunction with another antifungal. Some use it for maintenance after using medicated antifungal. There are many types of antifungals, prescriptions ones (many types) herbals (many types) enzymes, probiotic based and others. Which ever one you choose depends on your child, which type of yeast he has and other underlying issues. Please consult with a biomedical doctor if this is your first time doing antifungals. An antifungal will only work as well as the protocol.

7 years old is not too late, I don’t think it is ever too late to give someone a chance at better health. No matter what their age is, every child deserves a chance to improve their health. There are no age limits, though the older the child, the longer the damage has been caused to his body. The chances of recovery will be slimmer as they grow older, however you can still improve his quality of life greatly. I know kids who started Biomedical intervention at 2.5 years old, 4 years old, 6 years old, 11 years old, 16 years old and even 24 years old. Some have found great improvements, but some did not. Please read this article here Any Unsucessful Cases Doing Biomed

I have consulted 6 DAN doctors and 2 homeopaths, not to mention many mainstream doctors. Some I consult for 2nd opinions, for some I find that their protocol did not suit my children. Please read Juggling Doctors and 2nd Opinions” target=”_blank”>here If you are unhappy with your biomedical doctor, please seek a 2nd opinion.

The biomedical approach includes dietary intervention, supplements and specific protocols. I don’t know if you will need to do chelation or HBOT. It depends on your child’s unique issues and other variables.
Neurofeedback is not biomedical in the pure sense. It is however a valid complimentary and alternative therapy. Whether it is a viable option for your child, I can’t comment as I am not a medical practitioner. I have not tried it btw.

HBOT ranges from RM150-250 per hour session or ‘dive’ depending on the centre and type of chamber. The protocol is usually minimum of 40 dives per round. However, the benefits are enormous and many parents worldwide and in Malaysia report how much it has benefitted their children. For some, this has shown the best improvements compared to other treatments. Please consult with a biomedical doctor to see if your child will benefit from HBOT.

A, thank you for your kind words. I do not offer any services nor do I provide any treatment or therapy. I am not a medical doctor and do not offer any professional advice. I simply advocate for better healthcare for our children and provide a platform for parents seeking alternative treatments for families who wish for an alternative to conventional mainstream treatments. I believe in empowering parents and urge them to look into their children’s underlying health conditions.

I believe in the right time and place. Perhaps, if you had known of biomedical intervention years ago, you may not be open to it. Don’t regret over it, if you had known me earlier, I would have been very new to Autism, much less to biomedical and alternative treatments.

As my good friend says “May our children be the best that they can be.”

Good luck,

9 thoughts on “5-HTP, Candida and Biomedical Intervention

  1. Dear Marissa

    Thanks for your most unselfish and valuable response to my queries.We are very fortunate that you are most willing to share your painful experience with us.

    I am bring my kid for an assessment at IMH,Singapore next week.The Autism clinic at KK Hospital referred me to IMH because they only attend to kids below 6.

    BTW, is Glutenous rice (pulut) safe for my kid.We are having unpolished rice for porridge/rice but occasionally during destivals my mum will make some traditional dumplings,cakes out of pulut.I am saddened that my kid miss the traditional food that everyone else in enjoying as I restricted him from eating.

    Normally I will give him TriEnza before he eats ‘outside food’.Is this practice OK?

    I will try the 5HTP and observe him for a while.Any better brands that you can recommend?Can the 5HTP be consumed in conjunction with the other supplements that he is taking:FishOil,Zinc,Culturelle,Multi Vit,UDO oil etc

    Once again,thanks for sharing….deep from my heart

  2. Hi Anna,
    You’re most welcome. Has your son been diagnosed before or is this to do a comprehensive evaluation?
    Pulut is fine. It’s starchy so if your son has a lot of yeast issues generally a lower carb/low sugar diet is better. But we generally don’t eat too much pulut anyway, so let him enjoy:-) Yes, always give digestive enzymes before any meals.

    Why do you want to give him 5-HTP? Is it for sleep or emotional issues? If it’s just for sleep, then maybe try something else. Yes, it is fine with your supplements, only give before sleep, otherwise might make him drowsy. Dosage is weight dependant. Generally I wouldn’t give amino acids without a doctor to advise you. Otherwise you end up with a protocol that is like ‘main tikam-tikam aje’. So it’s patchy and the supplements doesn’t work synergistically together.

  3. Dear Marissa

    That was a very fast response from you.

    I am from JB.

    The reason that I am considering 5HTP is that my kid have been observed to be ‘very excited’ and anxious in new environment.Recently he have been observed to play rough and pushing.He does not take afternoon nap and remains energetic the whole day and will only go to bed after 10pm and wakes up at 6am.

    Thanks for your advice on pulut

  4. Dear Marissa

    I have send my kid to a child care center @ Salvation Army for an evaluation by the principal after listening to some recommendations on radio programmes regarding kids with special needs.The Prof (guest speaker of the radio talk show) looked at him and told me that he is autictic and have to perform heavy metal detox.He then used some device and some solutions for my kids to soak his feet in the basin with the device running.after a while the solution turned black….for other kids.I did not managed to complete the therapy becos my kid gone hysterical.

    I also have an assessment done at Happyland,JB and was told that my kid is ADHD and have been in the sensory therapy for almost 3 years.At the same time he have also tried hemeotherapy and the result is not so encouraging.

    I hope that the next visit to IMH will shed more lights to me.

    By the way,have you ever heard of Modified Citrus Pectin. It was recommended to me by a scientist from USM for the detox of heavy metal.He have invented the durian version.I will forward his email to you later on.Is heavy metal always associated with heavy metal poisoning? I have this theory of heavy metal interupts the ‘electrons’ in the body and thus causing ‘crazy’ behaviour.Thus if HM is removed,hopefully the problem is over.I derived this after reading many articles.Not proven medically yet,just agak agak or mimpi only,Hope that dream will come true

    have a nice day

  5. Hello there, searching on 5 HTP and in bumped into this site. I heard that 5 htp can help with insomnia problem in adult. Is it true? What is your opinion on this because i’ve having this issue for quite sometimes. And where can i get 5 Htp in Malaysia?

  6. Hi Ida,
    There are many types of insomnia I believe. And many causes as well. Do you have issues with falling asleep or waking up middle of the night easily and frequently? Do you feel unrefreshed after a good sleep? Or is your sleep unfaithful and restless?

    Supplementing with 5-HTP may help but only if the main cause of your insomnia is related to anxiety, serotonin and melatonin production. Between my hubby and I, we have gone through many periods of insomnia, all with different causes. So i can totally understand how it feels. Even now, we still occasionally still battle insomnia.

    Insomnia can be a chronic condition that requires long-term treatment. Some of the other causes of insomnia purely off the top of my head includes food intolerance, candida, adrenal fatigue, various GI issues, depression, stress, restless leg syndrome. If these are the main culprits then 5-HTP may not help, if it does, then it is just a temporary solution without addressing the real cause. Do read up on dairy/wheat intolerance, candida/yeast and depression, these are the main culprits amongst my friends and I.

    I assume you are already doing the ‘sleep regime’ eg. No television, computers or distractions before bed, stop caffeine intake, exercise during the day time, not eating too close to bed time, etc.

    Apart from 5HTP and melatonin, i also like Valerian Root. There are also other sleep remedies that I have found useful including homeopathic remedies and Bach’s Flower Essences. When I do need a little bit of help for ’emergencies’ Sleep Assure works best for me personally. http://www.iherb.com/Nature-s-Plus-Sleep-Assure-60-Bi-Layered-Tablets/7503?at=0. It helps me to fall asleep quickly and the time-release feature keeps me asleep. I can also buy it from VitaKids in Singapore. But Sleep Assure is something I don’t take too often, otherwise you’d build up an intolerance to like anything else. 5-HTP didn’t help me though it did help my daughter for her anxiety issues, her sleep issues have been long resolved by then so I didn’t see any noticeable difference with her sleep on 5-HTP.

    5-HTP is not available in Malaysia. You can purchase in Singapore (VitaKids) or online http://www.iHerb.com. Valerian Root is available in GNC and/or local pharmacies if I’m not mistaken. Good luck!

    I hope you find some good sleep soon,

  7. Hi marrisa
    I am new to this website. Have started reading few blogs recently. I wanted to start gfcf diet for my son . But I dont understand wat could replace cows milk or goat milk as both are essential for children at this age. Can u guide me with this.
    Also , very soon I shall me fixing an appointment with a DAN doc. I stay in malaysia. I have to choose between dr. Eddie Chan or dr .Rina from indonesia. Whom would u recommend. Have you seen any one of then …thnx

    • Hi Al Shaikh,
      Please join the KL Biomed Health Forum http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/klbiomed/ to connect with other parents in Malaysia who are doing biomedical intervention. There are many parents who are seeing both Dr Rina and Dr Eddie Chan, you can ask for their feedback too. I’ve seen Dr Rina and I have met Dr Eddie Chan several times. Both are good doctors, though Dr Rina has more years of experience in biomedical intervention.

      There are many choices of non-dairy milk e.g. rice, almond, hazelnut, quinoa milk. All are available in Malaysia.


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