Sweet Homeopathy: Going Deep…..

Homeopathy, Sweet Homeopathy

In my brief experience with homeopathy, the more I do, the more I’m loving it. Homeopathy goes deeper than just superficial physical symptoms, it goes way deep.

Homeopathy works on the Law of Similars. If done well, it treats more than just symptomatically. It heals the physical, mental as well as the emotional state of the client. Homeopathy acts on the energy or life principle or vital force of the person. I know, kinda hard to believe right? But, it works for us. Instead of supressing symptoms which is what many modern medicine does, it encourages the body to heal itself. No more of the dreaded word ‘suppressing’.

There are many types of homeopathy, just as there are many schools of thought for mainstream medicine, biomedical, naturopathy and alternative medicine. I used to think homeopathy is homeopathy, no difference right? The more I learn and the more I do, I’m seeing a distinct difference.

I had a brief foray with functional homeopathy and I found it worked excellently. It was fast, easy and we could see the effect almost immediately. But after a few weeks on the remedy, it stopped working and actually caused a bad side effect. But this is the nature of functional homeopathy, it goes in to do it’s job and that’s it. When you reach that point, you must stop using the remedy. It doesn’t go any deeper than that.

Sequential homeopathy combines biomedical sciences with functional homeopathy, though it treats on a deeper, holistic level compared to functional homeopathy. Apart from just looking at the patient’s symptom-picture as in classical homeopathy, a sequential homeopath also looks at the history of traumatic events. For autism cases, it delves into the causative event or regression period. There are several different types of sequential homeopathy, the most well-known is probably the Houston Homeopathy Method

Classical homeopathy uses a single remedy. Through extensive case note taking, the practitioner gleans the unique features of the patient and finds a specific single remedy to treat. This is called the constitutional remedy. Finding the right constitutional remedy takes skill, so working with an experienced homeopath is very important. At times of illness, the practitioner may need to use an acute remedy temporarily until the illness passes.

One child’s constitutional remedy may not necessarily be yours. Though many children with autism have similar symptoms, characteristics and behaviours, never forget that each child is unique. Thus, so is their constitutional remedy.

Classical homeopathy has brought on some wonderful improvements in both the girls. Though I feel that we have yet to find the correct constitutional remedy for each girl, all the remedies that we tried have generally brought on some lovely gains. I am optimistic that soon we will find their constitutional remedy.

Homeopathic remedies are very easy to give. Usually 1 teaspoon is all it takes, at times only 3 times a week. In classical homeopathy, there is only 1 remedy. Though the potency and frequency will vary according to where you are in the process. Even when doing functional homeopathy, we had 3 tiny bottles of combination remedies. It seems like I’m feeding the girls 2-3 tablespoons of water. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. The remedies are diluted in distilled water, so it tastes just like water. No more pills, capsules and yucky tasting supplements. No more expensive laboratory testing, collecting urine and stool or blood draws. Though we should not choose a treatment based on it’s convenience, the fact that giving the remedy to my girls is so easy makes it a pretty sweet bonus.

My Homeopathic Kit

Homeopathic remedies are ultra dilute substances. It comes from many sources, it can be elemental, mineral, plant, metal and many more. Manufacturing of homeopathic remedies should follow the strict manufacturing standards of a reputable homeopathic pharmacopoeia such as the HPUS in the United States. I either take one of the remedies in my kit and dilute it in water myself or my homeopath will post a diluted remedy in distilled water to me if needed. Homeopathic remedies are affordable and you don’t need much. However, it is well worth it to invest in a good homeopathic practitioner.

Some naturopaths and even MDs (Medical Doctor) combine homeopathic remedies in their practice. I used to confuse naturopaths with homeopaths. Many homeopaths are also NDs (Naturopathic Doctors) and received training in natural medicine. But not all naturopaths are homeopaths. Though both naturopathy and homeopathy come under the CAM umbrella (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) they are both different schools of healing.

Arnica Cream

I didn’t even realise that I’ve been using a homeopathic remedy for years. A must have in my first aid kit is Arnica cream. It helps with bumps and bruises, muscle ache, pain and even shock or trauma. Whenever the girls falls down or get hit, I immediately apply arnica cream. Usually, bruises fade away quickly if they even develop at all. And the pain goes away pretty fast too. Learn more about Arnica here.

Www.abchomeopathy.com is a good website with a great remedy finder. Try it out and you’ll see how complex and in depth homeopathy can be. It’s a quick and easy to use remedy finder tool. Nonetheless, it can never replace the help of an experienced homeopath. You can also easily purchase over the counter homeopathic remedies, usually combination remedies. This would mainly treat general ailments. For many, they work wonderfully. But for more chronic illnesses or serious conditions, you have to do more than just skim the surface.

I still keep detailed notes on the girls. Though we’ve always kept a log on the girls sleep, bowel movements, food intake and many more, I now have to keep track of their emotional state. This takes some getting used to. Because many children with autism are not able to express their feelings or communicate, the parents’ feedback is very important. The homeopath needs lots of details and I confess that at times I feel guilty for not knowing certain details about my own child. Usually details regarding their mental state and their emotional response to certain events. The homeopath needs a clearer picture of the human being as a whole. A classical homeopathic consult is very different from a biomedical consult and I need to keep reminding myself to take off the Biomed Mum hat.


For now, I am consulting with Michelle Keats from Homeopathy Plus! in Australia. Michelle works with Fran Sheffield, an esteemed Australian homeopath. Another popular classical homeopath is Pierre Fontaine, based in New York. Both practitioners offers overseas consultation by Skype. There are homeopaths in Malaysia, Singapore and South East Asian countries. Homeopathy is very popular in India and Pakistan. When treating a child with Autism, do work with an experienced homeopath, preferably someone who is also an ND (Naturopathic Doctor). Do check their credentials, check what type of homeopathy do they practice, are they registered or certified with a reputable organisation in certain countries. Check if the remedies they use are manufactured according to the guidelines in the HPUS. Trusted manufacturers of homeopathic remedies include Helios and Ainsworth to name a few.

When using homeopathic remedies, ensure that the remedy is the correct one for you. If it’s not right for you, hopefully it doesn’t make any difference. At times, it may make your symptoms worse. The general rule is that, only dose as and when needed. Overdosing is not recommended. Otherwise it could cause an aggravation. Homeopathic remedies needs to be kept away from electrical sources, computers and mobile phones. Our biggest problem at home is finding a suitable place to store our remedies. We’re such techno geeks that we’re surrounded by computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones and electrical sockets everywhere.

Impossible Cure

Suggested reading:
The Impossible Cure by Amy Lansky is pretty comprehensive. Well detailed, however I find reading it pretty hard going. Please visit Amy’s site http://www.impossiblecure.com/index.php

http://www.amazon.com/Homeopathy-Sweet-Coming-perfect-health/dp/1439219648/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1309407042&sr=8-1 Homeopathy, Sweet Homeopathy by Pierre Fontaine is easy to read and has many case studies. You can also visit his website at http://www.homeopathicservices.com/

Many find the principles of homeopathy ‘weird’ or hocus pocus to say the least. Many sceptics discredit homeopathy as a valid medical treatment, but this is probably because they don’t take the time to understand it. I don’t profess to have any real understanding of it, but from what I’ve seen with my own eyes, it works. I know dozens of parents personally who swear by it, their children are improving as we speak. Homeopathy is truly sweet when you dare to go deeper and deeper……

9 thoughts on “Sweet Homeopathy: Going Deep…..

  1. Hi,
    As I have heard good things about homeopathy, I would like to know if homepathy helps in a child’s speech, concentration and hyperactiviy.. Also can you please let me know which doctors to consult for the treatment. Your help and advice is greatly appreaciated,,

  2. Hi Kaneez, nice to hear from you again. Though homeopathy can treat those issues, it depends on the method of treatment and practice. Remember, homeopathy treats the person, not the disease.

    So you should see gains and overall improvement, though those issues you mention may not be the first thing to be resolved. I only know a few homeopaths personally, Pierre Fontaine in USA and Michelle Keats from Australia. Angelica Lemke works for Pierre and Michelle works with Fran Sheffield. I am comfortable to point families towards any of these 4 practitioners. There are many other qualified and trusted homeopaths worldwide, however I do not know them. So don’t limit yourself just to ones I know. Please check the list of CCHs (Certified Classical Homeopathy) and registered homeopaths from the UK, USA and Australia. Amy Lansky and Pierre Fontaine’s websites and other homeopathy websites may have some links you can check for list of practitioners.

  3. Do you know of a homeopath in Singapore? I was struck by your saying it was your homeopath who finally resolved your daughter’s chronic constipation. It has been a battle with my son for 4+ years…I’m wondering if we might also find answers in homeopathy. Biomed has done miracles for him, but his constipation continues to be a problem.

    • Hi Amy,
      I’m sure there are many certified homeopaths in Singapore. Unfortunately I don’t know any personally. You can check online somehow for lists of certified homeopaths, especially if they are accredited with homeopathic organisations in the USA, UK, Australia or India. Or you can also consult overseas homeopaths like I do, as mine does Skype consults.
      Good luck,

  4. Thanks, Marissa. Would you mind sharing more details about what sorts of homeopathy you do that has helped with the constipation? We’ve been GFCF with Caleb for 2+ years, treated his yeast, he gets omega 3s and a ton of other supplements…but we still get nowhere with the constipation and he has been on medication for it off and on for almost 5 years. Ugh. –Amy

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  6. Hi,
    I just found your website.. Very interesting. May I contact you thru email if possible? I just learnt about homeopathy & I really want to know your opinion. Should I do the biomedical treatment or homeo first? My appointment with dr.Kay is on January, but recently I just found out about homeopathy. Thank you….

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