Autism Events in Malaysia and Singapore

We have an exciting few weeks ahead of us, there are some great events coming up. There’s something for everyone, from biomedical to classical homeopathy to Verbal Behavior Approach. All the information you’ll need to manage your child’s recovery journey.

The first biomedical workshop in Malaysia is coming soon, please don’t miss KL Biomed’s Family to Family Workshop this coming Saturday 22 October 2011 from 10.00am – 1.00pm. Learn hands-on skills and practical advice from experienced parents in biomedical intervention. For those who are interested in learning more about Andy Cutler’s chelation protocol ie. AC Chelation, we will discuss this at length. We will also talk about MB12, diet and nutrition, anti-inflammatories, gut healing and many more. There are only a few seats left so please register soon. For more information, please see the invitation here.

Dr. Angelica Lemke from New York, USA will be presenting on Classical Homeopathy for Autism in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Saturday 29 October 10.00 – 12.00pm. Dr Lemke works with Pierre Fontaine, a renowned classical homeopath in autism circles. I first met Pierre and Angelica in May this year at the Autism One Conference in Chicago. I have heard of them before, little did I know I ended up sitting next to both at them at a dinner one night. And sitting at that table were my Warrior Moms and Warrior Dad friends who also happened to be their clients too, synchronistic right? As if the universe meant for me to meet these 2 homeopaths, even though I already had my own classical homeopath at that time. So we all ended up discussing about homeopathy in Asia. Pierre then mentioned if he should send Angelica to our part of the world for a visit. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance. Angelica has been my girls’ homeopath for the past few months and what can I say, I’m very happy with their progress. For more information on classical homeopathy and Dr Angelica’s presentation, please read here. Registration closes soon, so please secure your seat as soon as possible.

Autism Recovery Network is holding a Parents’ Workshop by Dr. James Partington in Singapore on 6th November 2011. Dr James Partington will present “How to change challenging behaviour and develop critical language & social skills’ using the Verbal Behavior Approach. Please register with ARN at, for more information please read here.

I hope the next few weeks will bring forth more clarity and progress in your child’s recovery journey. Don’t miss out on these great events, see you soon!

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