The Goosebump Parade

In my opinion, classical homeopathy and biomedical intervention complement each other nicely, filling in the gaps where the other didn’t. Though we came into homeopathy much later in our journey (after the girls have officially recovered from their autism diagnosis) I believe in synchronicity and timing. 3 years ago, shortly after Mei was diagnosed I made an appointment and had a lengthy initial consult with an Australian classical homeopath. At the same time, I also started biomedical treatments which showed a series of small but impressive improvements in Mei. By the time I received the remedy which was sent by post, I decided not to rock the boat so to speak. Mei was showing such positive gains on biomedical treatment that I was happy to stick to Biomed and felt no urgent need to introduce another new treatment. Thus the homeopathic remedy sat on my messy bookshelf. The same bookshelf where discarded or unused supplements go to gather dust, wither and left to taunt me with their broken promises, mourning for their failure to heal my girls, regrets over the wasted money, an unwanted reminder of yet another hope dashed. (see Emotional Spring Cleaning).

That small unopened homeopathic remedy sat on my bookshelf for years, constantly taunting me and tempting me whenever we had regressions. As you know, Mei and Min Min’s journey was riddled with regressions and failures. Every time we went through a bad patch, I would stare at my bookcase for inspiration. Is there a book there I should reread? Is there a supplement there I could reintroduce? Are there any notes and literature that I gathered at numerous conferences I could seek answers from? And that one dusty little bottle…..if I gave it to Mei, would it help her? If I opened it, would a magical genie pop out in a whoosh of smoke and solve all of our problems? Yes, classical homeopathy was one of those thing that was on my List of Things To Do To Recover My Daughters.

If we had done homeopathy much earlier, would Mei have recovered faster? Would the girls be much healthier? I will never know. I do wonder about it, but I choose not to regret my decision. A series of coincidences has led me to make peace with my decision. A random series of posts on Facebook from various friends across the world who found Wows! from classical homeopathy made my ears perk up. I restarted fresh consultations with my Australian homeopath and I was seeing nice gains in the girls, but at the same time I was on the waiting list for a consult with Angelica. I wasn’t sure whether I should change to Angelica when the time came or do I stick with Michelle, who had given us progress, but no big Wows! I think Michelle is great homeopath, but I didn’t get the goosebumps with her. When I find a new treatment, doctor or supplement and I get that goosebumpy feeling, I knew I was on to something really really good, my gut instinct that has always turned out right. The girls were going through a healing crisis at that time, so I desperately need a Wow! moment and I missed the goosebumps.

So when I found myself sitting next to Pierre and Angelica at a Gala Dinner at the Autism One Conference, it gave me goosebumps. Autism One is the biggest autism conference in the world, over 1000 people attended it. There were at least 400 people at the Gala Dinner and I happened to end up sitting next to Pierre and Angelica? Synchronosity much?

Hanging out with newly made friends in Chicago who all happened to be finding great success with classical homeopathy made me feel right at home. Finding out that my good friend RR too is consulting with Pierre and Angelica was a total surprise to me because we have never discussed homeopathy with each other nor mention that we were both researching into who to consult. That we ended up choosing the same homeopath, out of the hundreds of homeopaths out there, was a sheer coincidence. Weird right? I love it when the universe calls out to me, I can’t help but answer back. It was a parade of goosebumps that month, I’m not going to ignore that.

For those of you who have registered and are looking forward to Dr. Angelica Lemke’s presentation on Classical Homeopathy in Kuala Lumpur on 29th October , here’s a sneak preview of what to expect. Angelica has written an article in the Autism File magazine’s Summer 2011 edition. To learn more on how classical homeopathy can help your child with autism, please read her article ‘Why Not Homeopathy?’ which includes some wonderful examples from her case files

Please take the time to read these great blogs where children with autism have found great success with classical homeopathy. and

So, Biomed got us to recovery, I believe homeopathy will fill in the gaps. There were no magic genies, but there was a parade of goosebumps along the way, telling me that I’m heading on the right direction for now. I hope you too get the Goosebump Parade. See you soon!

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