Happy Feet

The auspicious 11/11/11 came and went with much excitement, not the good kind either. We had a mad dash to the hospital ER, resulting in minor surgery for poor Min Min. You can read it here at Working Through the Pain. I’m over the shock and fright, though it took some time. It also happened when Hubby was on a business trip in Australia. Traumatic events are always a little bit tougher to deal with emotionally when Hubby is away, he’s my rock. Nonetheless, I work through the pain, for a momma’s job is never done.

Last week during our final follow-up consult with the paediatric surgeon, he remarked that 11/11/11 was an unlucky day for us. I disagreed. So he asked why? I replied that we were extremely lucky that Min Min healed very quickly, no long term repercussions and with no other side effects. I reminded him what he told me at the Operating Theatre that day. He said that the gash was very very deep and it was right in between two tendons. Just 1/2 milimeter on either side, and the tendons would have been sliced. We were very lucky that Min Min did not lose her toes or mobility. For that, I am eternally grateful. It could have gone much much worse. He consulted his surgical notes again and agreed. He then declared ‘Eleven Eleven Eleven’ to be a very lucky day for Min Min indeed. Apart from a small battle scar that I’m sure will heal with judicious use of Calendula cream, it’s all behind us. Min Min is now running, jumping and dancing, she’s got happy feet again:-)

On a side note, is it weird that I think the paediatric surgeon looks like a shorter, less attractive version of Dr Andrew Wakefield? If you can imagine an Indian Dr. Wakefield with a bad combover. I must have been in severe shock that day, there I was comforting my crying baby in the operating theatre, whilst in my head I was marvelling how the surgeon looked bizarrely like the esteemed Dr. Wakefield. Sometimes my head goes to weird places….

Did I mention how much I love Calendula? A Homeopathic remedy for cuts and grazes, I’ve used Calendula cream numerous times for my two girls as you can imagine. However, I’m super impressed that Calendula cream as well as orally, helped speed up the healing and prevented infection. Best of all, oral Calendula also reduced her pain. The paediatric surgeon emphasised several times after the surgery that she will need painkillers to manage the pain. Because she will be in pain once the local anaesthesia wore off, he reminded me. After all, this wasn’t mere stitches, it was minor surgery. I wasn’t going to use Panadol but I had Ibuprofen on hand just in case. However, every time she felt a twinge of pain, I gave her an oral dose of Calendula and it helped. We did not need to use pharmaceuticals at all the entire time, all I used was Calendula. Homeopathy rocks!

Once Mummy had gotten over the shock and fright, my older daughter Mei fell sick with a flu-like virus. The only symptoms she had was lethargy and fever, and a high one at that. Though worried, I was secretly rejoicing because a high fever was a very very good sign. You see, ever since she was born, Mei has never had a fever. She’s had lots of colds and flus, but never a fever. Only after GFCF diet and biomedical intervention, did Mei started having low fever when she got sick. This was a sign there was a shift in her immune system for the better. And now, the high fever only occurred after we changed her constitutional remedy with classical homeopathy only a few months ago. A classical homeopath will tell you this is good news indeed. So yeay! I am seeing some healing in her immune dysfunction, progress indeed.

As predicted, Min Min caught the bug from her sister and fell sick too. It so happened that Hubby was away on yet another business trip to Indonesia. Why do these things happen when he’s away? I had 2 girls down with a fever, both bored and tearing the house apart because they were missing school, dance classes and HBOT. Both of them were happy and cheerful throughout it all though, a blessing. But I wasn’t so cheerful after a full week of interrupted sleep. And you guessed it, I caught the bug too. A persistent fever, headache, lethargy and body ache. I was definitely feeling blah.

As always, appetites waned as they always do when the girls get sick. Unfortunately, their appetite, not mine. My appetite on the other hand is as strong as ever, sigh….. Anyway, Mei lost 1/2 kg, a large amount for her skinny frame. We fought tooth and nail to get Mei to gain that 1/2 kg, but that’s a story for another day. I was also pissed off because when Mei was sick, this meant we lost even more days at HBOT. I’m not pleased that we’ve lost the momentum, but we still keep going onwards and upwards. Coz that’s how we roll.

As you can see, it has been an eventful few weeks, things are almost back to normal. I’m slowly trudging through the masses of emails piling up in my inbox and returning missed phone calls. If I haven’t replied to your emails or phone calls, I sincerely apologise.

We topped off the week on a high note; I took Mei, Min Min and their friend to the cinema. The girls enjoyed Happy Feet 2 immensely and demanded pet penguins for Christmas. Last Sunday was also Awal Muharram, the New Year in the Muslim calendar. I wish everyone a happy Maal Hijrah 1433, may the new year brings better health and blessed healing.

7 thoughts on “Happy Feet

    • I usually stock up on Calendula cream when I’m in Australia. Or I buy it online from the US. I’ve never bought it in Malaysia, though you might try a local homeopath here. If I’m not mistaken, some ranges of baby products do carry a blend that contains calendula, thought I’m not sure of the purity or potency eg. Buds.

  1. My mum gets our supply of calendula cream from Shafee – the importers/retailers/distributors/wholesalers of homeopathic products in Brickfields (somewhere on the road opposite to YMCA). We always have at least 2 tubess around the house!

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