Paying it forward…

Tis the season where we spend more money on gifts, toys, entertaining and dining than in any other time of the year. This year, I’m gonna take a chunk out my Christmas shopping budget and donate to a great cause. Your donation will help children diagnosed with autism, important and useful scientific research and many more causes directly impacting children diagnosed with autism.

Generation Rescue is an international movement of parents, scientists and researchers for the benefit of families living with autism. They are dedicated to the recovery of children diagnosed with autism. They continue to support the autism community worldwide with their dedication and hard work. Generation Rescue has helped us in our recovery journey from the day Mei received her Autism diagnosis. The Generation Rescue family was also there to help when Min Min too regressed into Autism. They provide hope, support and advice to thousands of families living with Autism worldwide.

I am proud to be featured in the Generation Rescue’s Milestones and Accomplishments of 2011 Brochure here

Have you made your online donations to Generation Rescue yet? I have. Please show the true spirit of giving by making your contribution here at Paying it forward….

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

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