Merry Christmas!

Autism and Christmas just don’t mix in my experience. A few years ago, Christmas Eve was just another night filled with screaming and the inevitable night awakening. The Christmas tree and the decorations were just yet another thing to stim over. Christmas morning and the gifts under the tree went largely ignored, they didn’t even know how to open up their own presents. The concept of tearing open the wrapping paper was alien to Mei and Min Min. Some gifts freaked them out, especially toys that makes loud noises. We’ve learnt to rip out the batteries that comes with the toys as soon as possible. Christmas lunch was an ordeal to sit through, back in those days I would spend an entire hour chasing the girls around the house with a spoonful of food, because I could never get them to sit down. Often, I barely even got to eat my own food whilst it’s still hot much less finish an entire meal. Until now, I still don’t know how turkey tastes like when it’s fresh and hot.

Fast forward to this week, Mei and Min Min have been begging me to let them open up their presents early and can hardly wait for Christmas day to arrive. They proudly decorated the Christmas tree themselves and have been practicing their Australian version of the 12 Days of Christmas, ending with “And a kookaburra in a gum tree!”

All through this merry season, we have been going out for lunches and dinners. And both girls sat nicely at the tables and ate their meal. Their table manners needs polishing up, but I am proud of them nonetheless. They have been very good little girls all year and I’m sure Santa Claus will bring them lots of lovely presents. Tonight, the girls set a glass of almond milk and GFCF cookies out for Santa and organic carrots for the reindeers.

The girls are way past their usual bedtime, far too excited to fall asleep. But once they’re finally sleeping, Hubby and I will make Santa’s footsteps with gluten-free flour and nibble on the GFCF organic treats. Imagine their delight tomorrow morning when they’ve seen the ‘evidence’ that Santa and the reindeers came. Merry Christmas everyone, wishing you a happy and safe holidays.

PS: My Christmas present to myself this year is Kim Stagliano’s brand new novel House of Cards. I must confess, I’ve ‘unwrapped’ my present early, I LOVE my butt-kicking chic-lit! Kim Stagliano is an autism mom extraordinaire, writer and Managing Editor of Age of Autism, my favourite online Autism newspaper. Only US$2.99 on Kindle, it’s a great gift for this Christmas!

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Marissa- u truely are a wonder mom, u have impossible, possible.. May Allah also give us the strength and the will to do what u have done for ur daughters… God Bless you!!!

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