Q&A: Food Allergies from New York Mama


Hello, I found you blog so helpful…I had tears in my eyes reading your 3 part article. I’m a New York based mum of a 4 yr old. Depending on who’s looking he is either Autism or ADD/ADHD. I strongly feel his behaviors are food-related. He can be related and engaged and other times he’s bouncing off walls, disregulated. I’m just starting this biomed process. We’re on probiotics, GFCF and taurine right now.. He seemed to have reacted to both fish oils and vitamin E so we had to stop, but I know if we can find the root cause these oils will really help him. It’s been so difficult for me to find info and a DAN doctor who will work with me closely on this. Because he is verbal and high functioning they will just not order tests. It’s so frustrating. I know you are based in Malaysia, but would you have any recommendations for DAN doctors in NY who could help? Also, I wanted to get more info on how to do this ELISA IgG Food Panel test? And any tests on salicylate sensititiveis? You help is most appreciated.

My reply:

Hey New York Mama,

Thank you for your kind words, we are all in this together, regardless which part of the spectrum our kids are in. Yeah, the mood swings sounds familiar unfortunately. Fish oil is supposed to help with mood regulation, but if he’s not tolerating it for now, then you’re right, let’s put it aside for now and work on other things that we can do. Some of the things that helped with my girls’ hyperness are diet, magnesium glycinate, Epsom salt baths and antifungals (though I strongly recommend you work with a doctor on this especially if it’s your first time) I love Taurine btw, Mei seemed more calm on it though it didn’t help Min Min, who’s a gut kid.

The food panel test can be done with your Biomed doctor. As much as I understand how urgent it feels to do the food panel now, I would encourage you to wait to do it with your Biomed doctor. He or she will recommend which tests are the most appropriate and suitable for your son, rather than do a one-off test. However, if you really can’t wait, you can use www.IntegrativePsychiatry.com to order the test. The only catch is, you run the risk of going berserk and wanting to order many (and sometimes useless or unnecessary) tests. Thus the caution to use a Biomed doctor to guide you. I have done the Elisa Asian IgG Food Panel by US Biotek, not sure if it’s in the site. Do some research and ask around as to which test is appropriate before you go ahead if you’re doing without a good doctor ok?

On a side note, personally I feel the Food coloring and food additive test is unnecessary, because part of cleaning up our kids diet is to eliminate food coloring and additives anyway.

There are no lab tests for salicylates, usually we do a challenge test Ie. take away foods that are high in salicylates (get the list from the Net) for a few days. Then reintroduce the suspected food and observe for any immediate or delayed reaction.

Sure, I’ll ask around and get some recommendations of Biomed doctors in NY. Please email me at klbiomed@gmail.com and we can take it from there.

I wish you the best of luck and hope to hear of many improvements and progress in the new year. May 2012 bring you much happiness, joy and good health.


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