AC Chelation Workshop 18/2/12

KL Biomed will be holding its first AC Chelation Workshop in Kuala Lumpur! Thank you to the parents who kept nagging us to do this, yes we listen:-)

Basic Introduction to AC Chelation.
(Also known as Andrew Cutler’s Chelation Protocol or Low Dose Frequent Chelation)

Facilitator : Rafidah Ramly
Date : Saturday 18th of February , 2012.
Time : 10.00am – 2.00pm
Location: Ara Damansara (the address will be sent to you upon registration)
Others : Food and Drinks will be provided.

Cost : RM 70.00 per person

In this 4 hour workshop, we will discuss the following;
– The Basics of AC Protocol Chelation
– The difference between AC Chelation and other chelation protocols
– Who should try this protocol
– How to start
– Supplements regime
– Tests – what is required and what is not necessary
– Troubleshooting – what to expect upon starting, safety issues, doctor’s role, how to see improvements, stalling periods
– Roundtable discussion with other families who are already doing AC Chelation
– Reference guide – forums, boards, sources of information and support

You should come if you:
– Are about to start chelation
– Are choosing alternative heavy metals detox protocols
– Need local support and guidance
– Are doing biomedical intervention.
This event is open to parents of children with autism and related disorders only.

Please RSVP latest by Wednesday, 8th February 2012. Spaces are limited and on a first come first serve basis only. Please register by emailing Marissa at with your name(s) and telephone number. Details of the location and payment method will be sent to you then.

(Important Note to Attendees : Facilitator is not a medical doctor and shall not under any circumstances be held responsible out of or in connection to the contents of this workshop. The facilitator merely discusses her experience as a parent undergoing the protocol. Parents are advised to seek independent medical advise/ opinion. Attendance to this workshop shall be deemed as agreement to the foregoing terms. Thank You.)

3 thoughts on “AC Chelation Workshop 18/2/12

  1. I hope your conference on how to use my chelation protocol went well. If you had any questions arise during it you couldn’t answer, let me know. Also if people want to buy my books ( and or other books I resell ( or and would like to go together and get enough of them I could offer a discount if they’re shipped to one or two addresses for local distribution. There is also a new book out that gives very short and sweet coverage to the frequent low dose protocol – see .

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