List of Biomed Doctors

Please see here for a list of current biomedical practitioners in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. All the doctors have attended Level I and Level II Clinicians’ Training by the Autism Research Institute All of these doctors are licensed Medical Doctors. Apart from their own specialist fields, they have also extended their knowledge and education in various fields in pediatrics, autism and various specialities.

Dr. Erwin Kay
KCS Medical Centre
Blk 515 Bedok North Ave 2
Singapore 460515
Tel: 64438322

Dr Rina Adeline
Klinik Intervensi Biologi Medis
Apt Cibubur Vilage C17/19, Radar Auri
Cibubur, Indonesia
Tel: 021 700 51556/0811 200 0408

Dr Yee Kok Wah
30 Jln Lagenda 8
Taman 1 Lagenda (near Tesco Melaka)
Melaka, Malaysia
Phone: +606 2880898

Dr Ng Sui Yin
Gleneagles Hospital
Suite 116, 1st Floor, Medical Office Building
282 Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +603 42576998

Dr. Eddie Chan
16 Jalan Puteri 4/2
Bandar Puteri Puchong
Punchong, Malaysia
Phone: +603 80623925

If you are unsure which biomedical doctor to choose, you may also ask other parents on the KL Biomed Health Forum for their feedback and opinions.

23 thoughts on “List of Biomed Doctors

  1. Hi, may i know the cost of going on the biomed treatment by dr erwin kay. At least i can work on the budget for my newly diagnose son. Thank you.

  2. Hi

    I am impresses with your experience and grateful for your sharing. I am suspecting my kid with autism and looking for a good doctor especially at penang. Not sure if you can recommend? Thx

    • Hi Chuin,
      Sorry for the late reply. I don’t think there are any biomed doctors who have trained with DAN or MAPS in Penang. Many parents all over Malaysia (even Penang) regularly travel to KL, Melaka or Singapore to see a trusted biomedical doctor. Don’t let something small like a 3-4 hour car drive stop you from treating your child’s underlying health issues. I used to go to Singapore every single month for nearly 2 years just to consult with our biomed doctor without fail. Don’t wait for the treatments to come to you, sometimes as autism parents, we have to take the initiative and step out of our comfort zones to go after what our children need.

      My primary biomed doctor is Dr Erwin Kay in Singapore. You can also check out the link of all the biomedical doctors in the region.

      Best of luck on your recovery journey.

  3. Would appreciate it the most if you could recommend us a Clinical Psychologist or any assessment centre for ADHD & learning disabilities in Malaysia. Thank you Marissa

  4. ************URGENT REQUIRE YOUR HELP ********************
    Hi please let me know where i can get MB12 injections in singapore.

  5. Hai , I have a 2 year old son. He have been dagnosed with a mild autism recently. My son still dont know how to communicate and socialized. But a very cheerful, playful boy (most of the time playing on his own). He do not have tantrum , he sleeps well.

    In Brunei, We have limited source & place to go for autism treatment & theraphy. My son met the doctor (child development specialist) only once (for introduction ) and the next theraphy appointment will be in November. So i have been trying to find and give the best treatment for my son. Is there any way for these clinics to delivery the vitamins to Brunei

    Brunei Darussalam

    • Dear Amal, some biomed doctors may be able to do Skype consults, please check with them and explain your situation. Perhaps you can fly over to see a biomed doctor in Singapore or KL or Melaka, but for follow up, find out if they can do it remotely via Skype. As for supplements, you can easily order it from and they can deliver all over the world.

  6. Yesterday was the worst day of my life. My son was diagnosed as Autistic by a pead from Perlis General Hospital. Previously he was said to be and ADHD (which was a rather relief to me). I cant stop crying and blaming myself for what is happening to my son.

    Living in Perlis looks like a disadvantage for my son as there is no NASOM what more with centers for Autism children. I signed up my son to Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti (PDK) for about a month now and continuing his OT session weekly along with speech therapy every fortnight. I would like to know more on ABA and how do you manage to stick to the programme.

    I am a full time working mom and would you suggest I take 1 year off from work just to kick-off the programme? Please advice.

    • Dear Hakuko, so sorry to hear that. I hope things seem a bit brighter now. Blame and self-guilt can be very paralyzing, I’m sorry you feel this way. I hope you get enough support from family and friends. In KL, there are ABA centres as well as free lance ABA therapists and consultants who can do home programs. However, you can also do it yourself even though you’re in Perlis. Do get in touch with Intan from , she can advise you on the options available for you. There are also lots of therapy programs that you can read about, Google or even find how-to videos on YouTube. ABA is not the only therapy, you can also look into SonRise, RDI, Floortime, and many many more. You can also do the GFCF diet, doesn’t matter where you are, you can do it. Good luck!

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  8. Hi there,

    I have 2 nieces that need specialists for autism esp in GUT, could you please recommend any doctors or specialists in GUT, Speech and nutrition.
    My nieces had been vomitting these few days and currently I am in Indonesia and looking forward for further treatment in Malaysia, any recommendations? Please help asap.

  9. Hello,
    I am educated through blog and very excited to know your story. My son , now 4 years, is an autistic. We are doing the Son-Rise Program and following GFCFSF diets. His response is amazing for last one year. But we believe that bio-medical treatment would be really instrumental in healing autism. I am an Indian , but live in Japan. I tried a lot to find bio-medical doctors in Japan , but no way. Do you know any reference in Japan? And In case of doctors in Singapore you referred, do they do online consultancy? Because visiting Singapore every time would be just next to impossible because of lack of financial resource. I would be immensely thankful if you reply and suggest me something to find a biomedical doctor.
    Regards and thanks,

  10. Hi there, in regarding to the biomedical doctors. Any good feedback on Dr Eddie Chan from Puchong? I am planning to bring my son to see him as he is the closest to my home.

    • Hi June,
      I know Dr Eddie, we have attended conferences in the US and locally together. I find him kind and caring man. He is a dedicated and learned doctor who is committed to doing his best for his patients and the autism community. I wish you the best of luck on your recovery journey. Please join the KL Biomed group on Facebook and you can meet many parents here who are doing biomed and diets
      Kind regards,

    • Hi Kavitha, Dr Yee is excellent! He comes very highly recommended by many families. He just returned from the US for MAPS training and he is now the first MAPS physician in South East Asia.
      Kind regards,

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