Facial Pain, Throbbing Headache, Knocking On Teeth? Natural Remedies For Sinusitis

sinus-infection-sinusitis-sinus-infection-facts-s1Are you suffering from sinusitis? Are you sneezing 20 times every morning? Have you been prescribed with antibiotics again and again, yet you still have a chronic sinus infection? Lying face down causes intense pressure on your face? Looking for natural relief from a sinus infection? Recently, I had a cold, and it quickly escalated into sinusitis. I had this deep, throbbing headache with intense pressure, I was lethargic, my nose was runny, stuffy and congested and my whole face felt painful.

Facial Pain and Sore Mouth?

I felt extreme facial pain, especially between my eyes and behind my nose. I kept poking and stabbing my eyebrows, my cheeks and around my nose. Anything to relieve the pain deep in my face and behind my nose. Even my teeth were sore, especially my upper teeth and gums. I felt like knocking on my teeth with my knuckles all the time. You know that spot between the nose and the upper lip? Yeah, I would have bruised it if I hadn’t refrained from knocking it with my knuckles. Only my vanity saved me, the thought of walking around with a bruised, puffy upper lip…

Knocking On Teeth… An Autism Stim?

I know a child with autism who would knock her upper lip with her knuckles all the time. She would repeatedly knock her mouth so hard to the point where her upper lip was severely bruised. Her mum initially thought it was a stim (a repetitive self-stimulatory behaviour) or some sort of OCDish behaviour. But, smart mama that she is, she did her own research and looked for the root cause of the behaviour. Interestingly enough, she recently told me that her daughter has a lingering sinus infection too. She is currently treating it with natural remedies. So, when you have a child with autism or a child who is pre-verbal, not every repetitive movement is a stim, there could be an underlying physiological cause.

333AllSin A(1)What Is Sinusitis?

The sinuses, found in the face, are cavities in the bones that under normal circumstances are filled with air. During a sinus infection, the membranes swell, and mucus is produced as a protective agent against pathogens. If the airway is trapped between the nose and the sinuses, pressure builds up and pain may be the result. A true sinus infection occurs when bacteria get trapped in the mucus and pus is created, forming a yellow or greenish-colored discharge. ~ Courtesy of Livestrong.com 

Is Sinusitis Caused By Bacteria Only? Or Could It Be Fungal?

Even when I was a hardcore mainstream medicine follower, I found that antibiotics rarely helped with sinusitis. I had frequent, chronic sinus infections, and of course, was on frequent doses of antibiotics. As you know, antibiotics will kill all the BAD bacteria, as well as the GOOD bacteria. And in those days, I didn’t know anything about the importance of probiotics. Naturally, when you take antibiotics and you don’t replenish with probiotics… you guessed it, it causes fungal and yeast overgrowth. Thus, fungal infections of the sinuses are the cause of most cases of chronic sinusitis. In this case, antibiotics will not work.


Natural Remedies For Sinusitis

In my pre-crunchy mama days, I would have reached for Panadol (also known as Tylenol) and Zyrtec immediately. I would have gone to the doctor and came home with a bunch of antibiotics, antihistamines, medicated nasal sprays and painkillers. But now, I use natural remedies such as essential oils, homeopathic remedies and Miracle Salt.

I applied Peppermint essential oil for the headache, and diffused R.C. to alleviate the upper respiratory symptoms. Peppermint is a well known remedy for fevers, headaches and pain. I applied Peppermint on my temples and on my head, and wherever there was pain. I prefer not to apply Peppermint on my face as it tends to sting my eyes.  R.C is a blend of essential oils that is amazing for respiratory issues. It contains 3 types of eucalyptus oils, myrtle, spruce and other oils that are useful for upper respiratory tract ailments. I applied it on my nose and diffused it, breathing in the steam really helps with nasal congestion especially at night.

I took lots of Miracle Salt, even rubbed some salt on my gums, and swished it around my mouth. If you have a sore throat, gargle it. But, I’m not a gargler, rather I’m a swisher. Miracle Salt by Well Being Creator is naturally harvested sea salt that has been purified and energised. It is alkalinising, detoxing, rehydrating and full of minerals.

If you are unable to view the video, please click here.

I also took doses of Kali Bich and Pulsatilla. Kali Bich is a homeopathic remedy commonly used for sinusitis. I use Kali Bich if there’s localised facial pain, especially if there is pain behind the nose and hard to expel stringy or sticky mucus (I know, gross alert!) I also needed Pulsatilla, another homeopathic remedy which is also useful for colds, fevers and sinus infections. Pulsatilla is also commonly used for children, especially if they present with weepy or clingy behaviour. Usually when I’m ill, I prefer to be left alone. However, this time round, my husband definitely noticed that I needed a lot more company, I wanted to cuddle often and needed extra hugs. Thank goodness hugs are always in abundance in my family.

Kali bich 30: Sinusitis in hot weather (summer), causing wandering pain in the forehead, in a spot that can be covered by the tip of the finger; very tough, greenish yellow string-like discharge from the nose; pain is worse in the morning or from noise but diminishes by inhaling steam or lying down.

Pulsatilla 30: Sinusitis, with pain that shifts from one part of head to another (like Kali Bich); the pain gets worse from steam-inhalation but is relieved by pressure, cold applications or moving in open air; profuse thick, greenish yellows, bland discharge from the nose. A mild, weeping nature and thirstlessness confirm the choice of Pulsatilla.

Courtesy of http://www.naturehomeopathy.com

Essential oils, homeopathic remedies and Miracle Salt has really helped with my sinus infection. And not to forget, getting lots of rest and drinking plenty of water. Even with all the natural remedies available, our body still needs time to heal, by resting we are giving our bodies a much needed break and better able to recuperate. And stay HYDRATED! I also avoid dairy products as it tends to cause an overproduction of mucus and phlegm. Soaking in a warm Epsom salt bath with lavender oil helps to relieve body ache. Lavender is a natural antihistamine so it helps with runny nose too. For sinusitis, I irrigate with saline nasal sprays 2-3 times daily as it helps clear the nasal passages and relieves congestion. If needed I also use Nutribiotics Grapefruit Seed Extract nasal spray (GSE is an excellent anti fungal!) or a homeopathic nasal spray. Here’s to healthy nasal cavities and no more sinusitis!

Note: If you suffer from chronic sinusitis, please consult with a homeopath, naturopath or holistic health practitioner to manage your illness.

By Spectrum Mum In Malaysia – Marissa is a mother of 2 children who are now recovered from autism. She is the Vice-President of The Thinking Moms’ Revolution, co-author of Autism Beyond The Spectrum and founder of KL Biomed, a support network for parents with children affected by autism, ADHD and related disorders in Malaysia and neighbouring countries in Asia. She is an autism advocate and passionate about natural health. 


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