Facial Pain, Throbbing Headache, Knocking On Teeth? Natural Remedies For Sinusitis


Are you suffering from sinusitis? Are you sneezing 20 times every morning? Have you been prescribed with antibiotics again and again, yet you still have a chronic sinus infection? Lying face down causes intense pressure on your face? Looking for natural relief from a sinus infection? ~ By Spectrum Mum In Malaysia Continue reading

7 Cold and Flu Natural Remedies You Should Have In Your Home!


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Treat colds and flu naturally! Natural remedies using herbal plant extracts, homeopathy and therapeutic grade essential oils are safe, effective and does not cause side effects unlike sugar-laden cold and flu medicines, antihistamines and cough syrups which only seek to … Continue reading

Q&A: Where Do You Buy Homeopathic Remedies?


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This question came from a Singaporean mum. I thought it might be useful for families who are living in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia on where to source homeopathic remedies. Question: Where do you buy homeopathic remedies? ~ Mum in Singapore My … Continue reading