‘Autism : Real Food Heals’ in KL, September 2014

Please register for this fantastic talk organised by my friends Daniel and Mariam. Their son, Isa Ray, is diagnosed with autism. Daniel and Mariam are incorporating SonRise therapy, biomedical treatments, nutritional and dietary intervention and much more for their beloved son. They have learnt much from their participation in the SonRise program in the US, and have done numerous research on biomedical and nutritional therapy, so you know how awesome this talk is going to be! They are the founders of A Ray Of Light, a valuable autism resource network for parents of children with autism in Malaysia.

Real Food Heals talk

The talk will be conducted in English and Bahasa Malaysia. It is suitable for parents and caregivers of children diagnosed with autism, ADHD, PDD-NOS, Apraxia and related disorders. There are 2 dates to choose from. To register for the following events:

Spaces are filling up fast, so register now. For more information, please go to Autism: Real Food Heals. See you there!

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