It’s All Geek To Me- AO 2011 Day 1

It’s All Geek to me: ifun with function  26/5/11
By Carla D Oldham BS

I touched down at the rainy cold windy city at 8.30am. Checked into the hotel by 10 am. Just chucked my bag in the room and registered for the conference straight away. The first lecture I attended was about using technology as a teaching and communications tool using the iPhone, iPad and iPod. I never know there was so much benefit and functionality we can get out of these gadgets.

Instead of parents wasting so much time making and laminating materials, you can easily make social stories, video modeling, first/then, behavior tracker, creating books, choice boards and many more.

This is the first lecture I squeezed in once I checked into the hotel. Please excuse errors, the short form, I typed as fast as I could. If something doesn’t make sense or you need clarification, please let me know. I never know how much apps are out there to make our lives and teaching children easier and mor fun. Lots of communication options for pre-verbal kids and for other therapies as well.

Using technology for special  education – Using iPad, iPhone as teaching and communicants tools for kids with ASD

Behavior tracking
Video modeling
Taping behaviors
Using face time to communicate

Explains creative uses of iPod, iPhone, iPad apps and tools

Social stories
Create books
First/Then (if static)

iDevice to PC
computer to iDevice

Task organizer
Choice board
Academic support eg reading, math
Language support
Is it fun or reinforcement 

Load up photos from iPhone to printer using scanner
Mac- iPhoto
Video demo
Can purchase text to voice readers

Board maker pictures
Choice board
PowerPoint or photos, 
Videos to do video modeling

PDF Notes- free
To make worksheets for your child

Free Aps & Promo Codes

developer’s websites

Her favorite apps-
Fun educational Aps
4cwsn- app party 
Moms with apps
The iphone Mom
Lillie’s pad
Digital story time
Best kids Aps
Promo dispenser
Free app alert

Free technology for teachers
Moms w/Apps
iTeach Special education 

Communication –
Proloquo2go $189
Grace $34.99
Expressive $9.99
Look 2 Learn 24.99
iMean 4$4.99
Tap to talk
Locabulary lite

Organizational skills
First/then $9.99
My choice board $9.99
iTouchiLearn Morning Routine
Choiceboard maker
IPrompts $49.99
Time timer $4.99
Picture scheduler $2.99

Social Algiers
Model me kids 
Off we go (dentist & airplane) $4.99
Pictello $14.99 voice text pictures
Stories2learn $13.99
Social skills $13.99
Going out haircut

BehaviorTracker Pro $29.99
ABC behavior Assessment $0.99
Percentally $2.99

Earn it stars $0.99
Rewards $2.99
Chore hero
iEarned that

ABA type apps $0.99- basic skill drills, lots of categories
Mr Thorne does obi Kcs
Dr Gary brown DTT apps
Victor verbal
Conifer company functional video models

Language skills
Mobile education
All about me

Finger skills and motor planning control, target practice, finger drill control, works on building their finger control
Squash a bug
Terry touch- created by a young kid
I drag paper

Podcast- free videos
Pinky dinky doo
Story nory
Sesame street
 I took thrL out of Elmo
Weigh R’s wiggle waffle & tour
Word world 

sensory/ stress free
White noise
 Bubble wrap
 Ibop lite
Stress ball. Smassfree
 Kinetic balls
Easy fart
Big button box free
Relax with andrew- medication self-relaxation

Turn off option to delete, purchase, restrict uTube
Free apps with ads and new levels, and purchase- it’s not right or ethical, should be at the beginning, but not in the middle when a child is using it

iPlunger to make a stand for the iPhone, buy from bookstore $5.99

IPad, iPod, iPhone are expensive, but great.

Interactive books 

1 thought on “It’s All Geek To Me- AO 2011 Day 1

  1. Good Day! I was searching through the web and saw this – thank you for sharing! It’s been several years since I presented this lecture at the Autism One Conference! Technology has so improved with the use of technology and now the androids! We are hoping that it continues to change the lives of those affected with Autism and Related Disorders. Thank you for sharing.

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