Methyl B12 – Shots, Lozenges, Lollipops and Nasal Spray

mb12 shotsAs you may know, I love love love MB12. Also known as Methylcobalamin and Methyl B12. MB12 therapy was one of the biggest WOWs! in our autism recovery journey. For more information on MB12 and it’s benefits for children with autism please read  Methyl-B12: A Treatment for ASD with Methylation Issues by TACA

MB12 Shots

We did the MB12 injections and loved it, though my first few times giving the girls injections was nerve wrecking, it did get easier and easier. Over time, I got better at injecting and over time, my girls learnt to take the shot calmly. Please read MB12 & Pavlova. Methyl B12 injections are available only by prescription. Please consult with a medical practitioner for advice on whether MB12 therapy is suitable for your child.

autism-B12-methionineAfter 2 years, we took a break from MB12 shots. But after a few months, we noticed there was some slight regression in terms of focus, concentration and energy levels. So I decided to reintroduce MB12 again. However, this time I thought that we should try lozenges instead.

MB12 Lozenges

JRW-18004-5My favourite is Jarrow’s Formula Methyl B12 5000mcg Lozenges, it has a nice pleasant taste and my girls love it. Since the key to MB12 is slooooowwww absorption, it needs to be sucked slowly. So I had to teach my girls to suck it like a sweet (though they’ve never had a sweet/ candy in their life) rather than chew it.

You can buy the lozenges on iHerb, don’t forget to use the Rewards Code ABA060, you will save $5-$10 off your first order on iHerb Jarrow’s Formula Methyl B12 5000mcg Lozenges.

MB12 is considered to be less effective if taken orally, so I consider the MB12 shots far superior over other forms of MB12. Please read Detoxification & Methylation by TACA for more information.

MB12 Lollipops

revitapopWhen I was in the US for the AutismOne/ Generation Rescue Conference a few years back, I had a chance to try MB12 lollipops, RevitaPop. Man, these suckers are awesome! They taste great, provides 10,000 mcg of MB12 and they gave me a nice mellow effect, great energy boost without the hyper jitters of a cup of espresso KWIM? I practically lived on them the entire 5 days of heavy conference lectures. Of course, I bought a couple of bags or RevitaPops to bring home (ok, I admit it, I bought a dozen bags) and stuffed them into my suitcase.

The girls loved it, the amount of sugar is not significant enough to cause a issue or feed the yeast beast and it provides enery and boosts the girls’ focus and concentration. Though not as ‘potent’ as the MB12 shots in my opinion, it is more potent than the lozenges IMO and gives a nice boost when you need it. Since then, I’ve always bought enough RevitaPops to last me a year everytime I go to the US. You can also purchase RevitaPop from Spectrum Supplements.

This past few months, I noticed that the lollipops weren’t having the same effect on the girls as they used to. Of course, our bodies’ needs’ change over time, so it makes sense that I would need to revise their MB12 protocol. Should I increase it to 2 lollipops? Or should I go back to the injections, which I was loathe to try. Firstly, they are a little bit more expensive, also, I thought that I have left that far behind me. The frequent morning injections in the butt was a relic from our autism days, I didn’t want to go ‘back there’ again. Also, recently, in a rare moment of contemplation, thinking of all the things I have done to recover my girls, I started to grieve over the painful injections and blood draws I put my daughters too. I brought up the subject with Mei and asked her how she felt about it, she told me she remembers how scared she was every time I gave her a shot. “I’m sorry I ran away from you mummy, I was afraid of the needle” she told me quietly. I apologised to her and promised her no more MB12 shots. Though I did explain that if she was very very sick, the doctor may need to give her an injection or do a blood test. “But mummy promises no more MB12 shots ok?” Mei gave me a big big hug and a kiss. I went off to have a little cry in private after that.

Don’t forget to watch this video The Thinking Moms’ Children and take note of what Mei wrote on her sign.

The Thinking Moms' Revolution | Meet Our Children

So, what should I do? Shots, lozenges, lollipops or what?

Then someone suggested I try the MB12 nasal spray instead. Hmmm, that’s an idea.

MB12 Nasal Spray

methyl mateOver the past couple of years, I had taught the girls to take various nasal sprays – saline sprays, grapefruit seed extract nasal sprays and nasal decongestants (though sparingly of course). I had rejected the idea of nasal sprays way back then, purely because of the compliance issue. But now, nasal sprays are no longer a problem. I asked a friend to muscle test the various forms of MB12. The injections and nasal spray came up high on the list compared to the lozenges and lollipops.

I use Methyl Mate by New Beginning Nutritionals. I ordered it directly from New Beginnings, as they will also include the nasal spray if you request for it. When I inquired with Spectrum Supplements, they do carry Methyl Mate, but do not have the nasal spray. My girls and I use the nasal spray daily. I find that the girls and I feel more alert, no dips in our energy level, we can focus and concentrate better with the nasal spray.

By the way, MB12 tends to be a very bright red in colour, so watch out for drips and random sprays when doing the nasal spray. Otherwise you’d end up with tiny red spots splattered all over your shirt, your kitchen counter or people think you’re having a nosebleed (yeah, all 3 has happened to me!).

I’ve tried 4 different forms of MB12 and I haven’t found one I haven’t liked yet. I still believe the MB12 shots to be far superior, and would be my number 1 choice for a child with autism. The nasal sprays are my next favourite, though you may need to make sure your child is compliant enough. Do teach your child how to take nasal sprays by practicing with saline nasal sprays you can find in local pharmacies. They’re easily found, affordable and most of all, don’t make a mess when your child pulls away!

I do prefer the RevitaPops over the lozenges, however the lozenges are very affordable, great to use when travelling and easy to purchase online. Though not as potent as RevitaPops, they still do the trick when you need a quick pick-me up or a top up on the off-days when you’re not doing MB12 shots on your weekly schedule. Btw, whenever I go to the park for my morning workout, people tend to look at me askance – 40 year old housewife sucking a lollipop, really? Blah, what do I care so long as I’m methylating and energetic for my daily exercise routine. Better than drinking a Red Bull right?

Check out this great video on Before and After MB12 shots by warrior dad, Phil Commander.

If you are unable to view the video, please click here. Alternatively, copy and paste this url on your browser

Muscletesting* What is Muscle Testing? I’m very very new to MT, so I asked my friend to do it for me. You can muscle test just about anything – supplements, food, even which practitioner or doctor is better for you. For more information on muscle testing, please read Muscle Testing Basics by Healing With EFT. You can also learn how to self muscle test, check out this video Easy Self Muscle Test by Catherine Davis.

Happy methylating!

6 thoughts on “Methyl B12 – Shots, Lozenges, Lollipops and Nasal Spray

  1. Very informative!

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You… 😊

    My son bites all types of supplements in tablets/caplets/lozenges form.

    If i get him MB12 lollipops, he wud definately bitting it as well.

    The idea is to have sloooww absorption of MB12. Wud it defeat the purpose coz my son bites MB12 lozenges or lollipops?

    Plz advise.

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You… 😊

    • I initially had that same issue with my girls when first trying the lozenges. They would chew it too fast. I tried chewing it quickly myself, and I also tried dissolving the lozenge in some water to see if it works. WHen I chewed it or drank it all in 1 shot, I felt a strong jolt of energy, feels like a bit of a rush, but not painful, just noticeable. I guess it was too big a ‘hit’ at one time. So, I tried giving them small sips of the dissolved lozenge water, or I call it ‘lolly water’. I would have to give them a tiny sip per dose and keep dosing frequently until it’s finished. Not ideal, but that was all I could think off. I guess, if you dissolve a tablet into his water bottle, maybe even half of it, depending on how fast your son drinks, and have him drink from it throughout the hour, perhaps that may work? I’m really not sure, I’m just guessing here, it may be something you want to experiment with.

      Soon, I decided to cut the tablet into small tiny pieces, and just give them a little chunk every few minutes. This worked better than the water for us, and more convenient too. Luckily over time, I managed to teach them to suck the lozenge slowly, though sometimes my younger daughter would chew it. Hope this helps.

  2. My girl started her New Beginnings Nutrionals’ Methyl-Mate nasal spray 2 weeks ago, one spray daily to her each nostril as prescribed by her DAN doc. She is a responder to it and I plan to slowly increase her spray if needed. May I know what’s your daughter’s daily spray?

    • Hi MN, I do a spray in each nostril in the morning daily. However, Mei says that she doesn’t like the spray as too much goes up her nose. I do the sprays for myself too, so I do agree with her that the amount snorted is just about the most I can handle myself, so it makes sense that she can only handle half-pumps. So now, I do half-sprays in each nostril rather than full pump sprays KWIM? It’s less to snort in, doesn’t make your nose feel like you’ve inhaled too much water and is more comfortable for little noses. I can’t tell yet whether the half dosage is working the same, but on certain days where the girls have a heavy schedule, I would give a 2nd half-dose spray. Either 10 minutes later or a few hours later. So, I am dosing based on her reaction and need.

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