No Shots Needed: NingXia Nitro, Another MB12 Goodie!


Everyone knows of my love affair with MB12, I have not met an MB12 I did not like. We’ve done methylcobalamin in various forms-  injection shots, lollipops, lozenges and nasal sprays. What other options can there be?

NingXia Nitro by Young Living

I am so in love with NingXia Nitro, it comes in these cute little 20ml tubes that’s so easy to travel with. I pop a few tubes in my handbag and I’m ready to go. NingXia Nitro is chockfull of yummy nutritious goodness. It is full of antioxidants derived from natural fruit concentrate, Vitamin B3, B6, B12, ginseng, folic acid, therapeutic grade essential oils and more.

MB12 + Essential Oils. What’s not to love?

Like MB12, NingXia Nitro promotes mental clarity, cognition, focus, concentration and more. I feel more alert, energetic, my focus and concentration is improved. It helps with mood regulation, it manages my stress levels and just gives me a boost whenever I need it. With my daughters, they seems happier, less moody, no mood swings, more focused and alert, and can concentrate in school better. It also provides a much needed boost for busy mothers who are stressed out and exhausted. It makes me feel better physically and emotionally.

NingXia Nitro is pretty powerful stuff, I’m so glad to have found it.

I love the fact that I don’t have to deal with messy nasal sprays so often nowadays, and the girls love that they no longer need painful injections. The fact that there are so many other options for MB12 is good news for children with autism. Personally, I believe that subcutaneous injections are the gold standard when it comes to MB12, I encourage  parents of children with autism to try MB12 injections. However I know that injections may not be a practical choice for many families. I firmly believe that whatever intervention or treatment you choose has to be sustainable as well as practical. If you can’t do injections, then please try other forms of MB12. As many of you know, for my eldest daughter Mei, MB12 shots was one of our biggest WOWs. She improved overall, her speech increased tremendously, her cognition and awareness was awesome on MB12 injections. We absolutely love it!

Having said that, MB12 is not a guarantee for speech, increased cognition, focus etc. Some children just do not respond to MB12, or it gives them intolerable side-effects. For some children like my youngest daughter Min Min, methylation is not their main issue, so methyl donors like MB12 will not play a big part in their autism recovery. Min Min was not a responder to MB12, we did MB12 injections faithfully for 6 months with no positive changes.

NingXia Nitro provides many other nutrients apart from MB12, so it is a worthwhile supplement to incorporate into our daily routine. NingXia Nitro is not meant as a substitute to Methyl B12 therapy, however as one of the active ingredients in Nitro is MB12, it does provide many of the benefits of MB12.

My friend calls it the Ninja drink!

My daughter Min Min and I love NingXia Nitro, we take it every day. I find that 1 tube is enough to last me throughout the day, however on very stressful or hectic days, I need 2 tubes. Min Min prefers NingXia Nitro over the other forms of MB12, even the RevitaPop. However, my eldest daughter Mei still prefers the RevitaPop as she doesn’t really like the taste of NingXia Nitro, but I prefer to give her the nasal spray as it seems to be more effective for her. Nonetheless, I find that doing nasal sprays too often tends to irritate her nose, so I try to rotate between the nasal spray, lollipops, lozenges and NingXia Nitro. Even though my daughters are recovered from autism, I still like to give them a bit of MB12 as I find that they are more alert, focused, calmer and have more energy with it. They can concentrate better in school, they seem less tired after a long day and their mood is more mellow and relaxed.


What Does NingXia Nitro Taste Like?

NingXia Nitro tastes a little bit like concentrated NingXia Red, or a very potent sweetish Ribena or blackberry juice laced with a very slight bitter undertone. 1 tube is only 20ml, so it’s not an issue for Min Min or me. Min Min doesn’t even need to drink water after it. Mei however has very sensitive tastebuds, so mixing it with NingXia Red or other juices or diluting it in water seems to be more tolerable for her. Otherwise, I can always syringe it neat into her mouth. I swear, it tastes heaps better than many of the other supplements I used to give her.

NingXia Nitro has 40mg of naturally-occuring caffeine in it, which is 75% less caffeine than in most energy drinks. I have never found this to be an issue with my girls. There is none of the jittery high or crash that you would get from a caffeinated drink such as coffee, normal tea or certain soft drinks.

“The caffeine that is naturally in green tea is all the caffeine there is in Nitro: we didn’t add any more caffeine. There are also properties in green tea that protect the brain and boost natural dopamine levels, and it’s rich in theanine, an amino acid that produces a relaxed yet alert state when consumed”~ Gary Young, founder of Young Living

It Contains L-Theanine Too!

My friends know how much I love  L-Theanine too, it has been extremely beneficial whenever I was full of anxiety and feeling stressed out. L-Theanine makes me all zen… So, more Theanine the better in my opinion!

Young Living recommends that we take NingXia Red as well as NingXia Nitro. With both, you will get a more comprehensive nutrient base. NingXia Red provides tons of antioxidants and nutrients, Nitro is meant to enhance or as an add-on to Red. However, for me, I am just taking Nitro alone at the moment. When I can, I add on the NingXia Red. But Nitro alone seems to work really well for me anyway.

Don’t Forget Your Water

Do remember to drink lots of water when doing essential oils, or any treatments that are detoxing including chelation. When you detox, the toxins will try to get out of your system. The easiest solution is to be flushed out in your urine. However, if you do not drink enough water, the toxins will find other ways to get out. The most obvious place it would go to is through the skin. So, if you see any rashes, please remember to increase your and your children’s water intake.

Get Some Of That Good Stuff And Channel Your Inner Ninja!

For more information on Methyl B12, please read Methyl B12 – Shots, Lozenges, Lollipops and Nasal Spray. If you are interested in methyl B12 therapy for your child, please consult with a biomedical doctor. MB12 injections are by prescription only, your biomed doctor will be able to prescribe it for you. For other forms of MB12 and how to get them, please see below;

  • RevitaPop – I usually purchase this when I’m in the US, you can also have it delivered to your country. You can buy direct from RevitaPops or from Spectrum Supplements
  • Lozenges – there are many brands, my favourite is Jarrow’s MB12 lozenges. You can get it on iHerb.
  • Nasal Spray – I use New Beginnings’ Methyl-Mate. I prefer to purchase it direct from New Beginnings as they can provide the nasal spray attachment. Some vendors do not provide the spray attachment. You can also have them specially compounded by a compounding pharmacy.
  • NingXia Nitro – I purchase this directly from Young Living, if you need any help getting it, please contact me directly.

~ Marissa

This is not meant to be construed as medical advise. The information provided here  is neither a diagnosis or prescription for a medical condition. Please consult with a licensed medical practitioner to manage your child’s health treatment.

6 thoughts on “No Shots Needed: NingXia Nitro, Another MB12 Goodie!

  1. Hi marissa
    I would like to buy Ning Xio Nitro for my daughter.could you pls email me of your contact coz I don’t use facebook.

    Truly appreciate and God bless.

    Odiliya J

  2. Hi Shiau Chen,
    In most countries including Malaysia, Singapore and USA, parents administer MB12 shots at home themselves. There only time I would ask the doctor to do the shot is the first time to demonstrate and teach us how to do it.
    If my memory serves me, 3ml vial of MB12 was around SG$190-250, this lasts 2-3 months depending on your dosage and frequency. Depending on your doctor, it can also be pre-filled syringes, the cost would be slightly higher I think, but it all depends on the compounding pharmacy, formulation (does it include folinic acid, preservative-free etc) cost of shipping, taxes, and the foreign exchange rate. However, you need to ask your doctor’s clinic for an accurate price. I have not done MB12 shots for a few years, so market prices would have changed.

  3. Hi. Can you share with me how you get the Mb12 injection in Singapore? Do you still have the doctor contact? Thanks

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